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Use vantage in a sentence

Definition of vantage:

  • (noun) place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective)
  • (noun) the quality of having a superior or more favorable position;

Sentence Examples:

Exclaimed the columbine, from her vantage post.

From this point of vantage they spear sword-fish.

It seems that the tempter watches for every vantage.

It then became the vantage ground of the Anglo-Saxon race.

It failed and gave the besiegers a further point of vantage.

From that position of vantage she examined the protuberances in question.

The slender vantage that he had, he meant to use adroitly, craftily.

Flocks of antelope frisked on the outskirts or watched from vantage points.

At every point of vantage beggars and fakirs were as thick as flies.

Ace playfully squelched him, from the vantage point of his slight seniority.

Still, it is not just and dignified, this vantage ground of American pirates.

Steppe surveyed the new roadster from the vantage point of the window.

Cried Corinne, who from a little vantage ground could see over the battlements.

Many important vantage points were in Italian hands, but it was difficult to advance.

Surely, they would make use of that good vantage ground of the cottonwood clump.

Unarmed and taken at a vantage, I was struck down and pinioned in a moment.

Let this be roasted and basted for an hour and then flavored with vantage.

He criticized the rationalist movement from the height of vantage which idealism had reached.

He spluttered and rolled over desperately, trying to throw John from his vantage point.

"Another of those purple amoebas," replied Jim from the vantage point of a window.

From this vantage point, he beheld a good-sized two-masted sharpie lying near the shore.

A few latecomers were searching for points of vantage well back of the foul lines.

He knew his points of vantage by name; there were no references to gazetteer or atlas.

From that point of vantage he daily watched the Canadian shore just across the river.

No position gives a debater in the House of Commons such a vantage ground for securing attention.

The new and unfamiliar is the vantage ground, not of scientific dogmatism, but of scientific inquiry.

Working round to better vantage, he soon espied what had made Fox stand so stiff and bristling.

From a vantage point, all are expected to create as many German widows as they possibly can.

The cottages on Maple Bluff, and the surrounding heights, offered splendid vantage ground for sightseers.

Their purpose is strategical; they are vantage points from which the enemy may be closely watched.

We have wasted four good days in drivel and talk, when we should have been making good our vantage.

At short distances, jutting bluffs made narrow passes which offered points of vantage to the savage enemy.

Bid him set our bowmen in every place of vantage, and let every man stand to arms.

The digestive powers of the stomach are easily deranged, and require watchful management to secure the vantage gained.

Guns of different caliber were massed at points of vantage, cleverly camouflaged to conceal them from enemy observation.

From this vantage point we heard several rustlers yell in warning, then they fled for their lives.

A fat German observation officer obtained a place of vantage in a shattered farmhouse just south of the road.

From this point of vantage, he will sail off suddenly, like a flycatcher, to seize an insect on the wing.

Reconnoitering cautiously from his point of vantage behind the bush, Ned could not suppress a start of surprise.

"He will retire far enough from the Scottish borders, without our leaving this vantage ground to drive him."

He dares not shrink from debasing himself to a certain point, in order to gain a wider field of vantage.

Gentleness prepossesses at first sight; it insinuates itself into the vantage ground, and gains the best position by surprise.

The cloak flying behind him shew that he has leaped into the quoin of vantage, and recalls the classic.

Lady Jane offered some polite sympathies and De Burg from his vantage ground of the hearth-rug surveyed the room.

As at Chillicothe, from the vantage point of a tree on the outskirts of the village, he secured a good survey.

From this post of vantage she would watch the whole proceedings of dinner with the curiosity of an epicure.

While occupying this agreeable post of vantage one day I incautiously put my forefinger in the crack of the door.

He had at first some vantage in the shadow in which he stood; but soon the rioters were all around him.

Huge and bloated, they sat complacently on raised vantage points at the margins of the battlefield, awaiting the final conquerors.

They were not particular, however, and any vantage space, from a doorpost to a dead wall, came within their comprehension.

From this vantage point they could look down into the tannery and watch the performance to their hearts' content.

And now, in the perpetual reproductions of history, another German warrior occupied a spot of vantage in that same perilous region.

He climbed back into the upper berth and from that vantage point gazed down benevolently upon John Stuart Webster.

That night a bombing party "cleared out" the district near that transept, and made the snipers' point of vantage untenable.

The Major, watching from his point of vantage, saw that all of a sudden our advancing riflemen were left unprotected.

They had tethered their horses some distance away, and had secured for themselves a point of vantage near the scorers.

Chase occupies the vantage ground, and he would be victorious over these, as the country is destined to be over all other enemies.

He left the vantage point by the stairs and paced between the control boards and their empty swinging seats.

And they probably would make a stand in some natural fastness which vantage point would be hard to attack and turn.

A troop of baboons has discovered this human concourse, and, secure in a lofty vantage ground, is vocally resenting its presence.

From his high vantage point he looked downward at the wide panorama which stretched to the horizon, faintly and mistily blue.

Darting from their hidden vantage point among the trees, they waylaid the rascals and engaged them in lusty warfare.

And Audrey herself, Clayton perceived from his place of vantage, was flirting almost riotously with the man on her left.

From their points of vantage the eight croupiers alternately did their business and regarded the assembly with a bored air.

The views already alluded to of the American and Canadian rapids to be gained from this delightful vantage point are probably unparalleled.

Apparently he hoped thereby to gain vantage ground for an interference in Spanish politics, which would have been most offensive to Ferdinand.

She flits restlessly about, eying from every point of vantage the intruder who dares to show an interest in her housekeeping.

Apart from this vantage that he kept over all who were not yet octogenarian, he had some other drawbacks as a gardener.

Baxter ran into the courtyard in some excitement to announce the arrival, descried by herself from the vantage ground of the Gatehouse.

They fish from wherries, from yachts, from boats, from the bank, and, indeed, from any and every point of vantage.

In the wall, some two or three feet above the ground, were embrasures, vantage points held with difficulty by tightly wedged groups.

The excursion steamers and chartered ferryboats moved to points of vantage and took position, occasionally feeling the water with their paddles.

"It appears the most promising halting place hereabout, and should afford us excellent vantage of view both up and down the river."

It was the work of photographers, securing, from some point of vantage overhead, flashlight records for the delectation of the music halls.

They posed amiably as common allies in the fight to keep the islanders from securing a single point of vantage during the year.

To him even this vantage-ground seemed as if it were actual safety, so much better was it than swinging helpless like a fly on a cord.

The whirring sound of a diving night-hawk gave evidence that a thing of life was inspecting the scene from a higher point of vantage.

It was from this vantage point on the enemy-held height that Japanese gunners and observers had a clear view of the landing beaches.

As far as the watchers could make out from their vantage point, twenty yards away from her door, she looked flustered, distressed, upset.

Entering the room he closed the door behind them, and made a minute survey of the windows, and other points of vantage for eavesdroppers.

Exclaimed Polly from her vantage point at the foot of the bed where she was ensconced with her doll, watching the packing.

We were told that it was an admirable position, completely screened from the insurgent fire, and affording an excellent vantage ground for riflemen.

Hereupon the apparition seated herself dexterously on the broad coping of the wall and from that vantage surveyed him with eyes of cold disparagement.

Fox became in succession fierce, factious, and half frantic; still his great adversary stood on the vantage ground of law, and was imperturbable.

From this place of vantage she beheld, shortly after, the arrival of the goshawk, and his transformation into a handsome and tender knight.

Northern forts had been dismantled and the munitions from Northern arsenals had been dispatched to Southern vantage grounds to be used in case of necessity.

On the roofs of the gigantic factory, on neighboring hillocks and points of vantage there were anti-aircraft guns busily discharging shrapnel at the invaders.

And then, high up and at a vantage point, while below them hovered their photographing planes, the two young aviators beheld a curious sight.

Providentially, however, by clinging with rare tenacity to our vantage place we were able to maintain ourselves in the security of the highest branches of all.

It is a mystery that adds to beauty, and the woman who surrenders that to importunity or surprise, has lost half her vantage ground.

A furlong or more down the hillside a little hillock stood up amid a few wind-twisted thorns, proffering rare vantage for outlook over wood and dale.

At nightfall every post of vantage on the Ridge was crowded with sightseers, watching the living shell flying through the air like falling meteors.

Dashed, but by no means disheartened, I chose a post of vantage on the elevated edge of a niche, from which I could watch the entrance.

Hippy from his point of vantage kept guard over the camp and its vicinity, now and then studying the view spread out before him.

Here it became evident that the little force had fallen into an ambuscade, for firing immediately commenced from the numerous points of vantage on either side.

Suddenly, from a post of vantage in the high-pointing bowsprit, she looked down the trail and clapped her brown hands with a shout of delight.

Oval mirrors with lighted candles in sconces glittered from several points of vantage, and crimson couches and the immense piano completed the tale of splendors.

As the trench systems grew up, points of vantage, screened by branches, were occupied by the best shots, accompanied by an observer with a periscope.

Our familiar phoebe has been recorded as perching on deer hunters in the fall and using them as a vantage point from which to conduct its hunting.

From hence, their course was a zigzag towards the east, for the declivity was so steep that they had to take every point of vantage.