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Use vantage in a sentence

Definition of vantage:

  • (noun) place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective)
  • (noun) the quality of having a superior or more favorable position;

Sentence Examples:

Each fierce convulsion gains some vantage ground.

His stratagem gained him some vantage ground.

Spectators scurried back to points of vantage.

Wise generals tell of vantage, not of bale.

Vehicles thus marooned immediately became islands of vantage.

Before daybreak every point of vantage was occupied.

He took another squint from his vantage point.

He found his place of vantage less enticing.

Startled, Sutter watched from his strange vantage point.

From this point of vantage he faced Dick insolently.

Every point of vantage had its battery or bastion.

The rascal is determined to have the vantage of us.

Another limousine had the place of vantage ahead of them.

Places of vantage were also occupied by the sh?gun's adherents.

The enemy fell slowly back, relinquishing the vantage gained.

And she regarded him airily from her point of vantage.

Passengers could be seen clambering to all sorts of points of vantage.

The gnomes, their business well ended, ran to points of vantage.

From this vantage point I watched the conflagration for a while.

From his vantage point he was able to read aright what followed.

We are entitled to that vantage ground; but we will relinquish it.

A better vantage ground for a weary wayfarer need not be desired.

From this vantage point he slowly and conscientiously studied the village.

It is my mournful ad vantage over you that disquiets your happy calm.

It was the nearest available place of vantage, with stone and crag.

He left, we are told, no point unguarded, no weapon unused, no vantage-ground unoccupied.

To what point of vantage had she, poor, disabled little soul, drifted?

And docile as a lamb you have come here, and left your vantage ground.

The summit of the old tower is a vantage point for a vista.

No sooner was the fight over, than the conqueror made good his vantage.

A moment's hesitancy would have lost me all the vantage I had gained.

Reformers retort by trying to oust their opponents from their position of vantage.

"It will prove vantage of sleep for me," grumbled the Chevalier gruffly.

No better vantage ground can be gained on the American side than Prospect Point.

From a point of vantage we at last get a glimpse of the fray.

On these points of vantage their still later elaborate fortifications of wood were built.

Sallow-faced women looked out mournfully, and tow-headed children peeped from every vantage point.

Each new vantage point revealed new glory; every successive outpost lured me on.

"Right," said Frank, and fortifying themselves with glasses, they took posts of vantage.

"That knoll did not happen to be at the point of vantage," he said.

From its point of vantage it dominated the landscape, somber, strong, and implacable.

He saw on the river, floating toward his point of vantage, an upturned hat.

Each point of vantage on the hills has its time-worn lines of old entrenchments.

The men were perched on all vantage points on the lookout for the delinquent.

The automobile contest generally follows a course where watchers have vantage points for gathering.

Miles curled his lips in disgust as Perky looked in from her balcony vantage.

She exclaimed from her vantage point, without lifting her eyes from the portrait.

To them is given a vantage ground, which they should joyfully and gratefully occupy.

It was from this point of vantage that he became aware of an altercation on deck.

From that vantage ground an approaching enemy was at the mercy of the watcher.

Poisoned spines guard the slender tendrils that cling so tenaciously to every vantage point.

Some of our doings, judged from the vantage point of the knoll, are very inconsistent.

The Texan made a snake's noiseless progress to come even with his companion's vantage point.

In another moment the two were once more circling and sparring for vantage as before.

There were outlying temples on distant points of vantage, each inhabited by a solitary priest.

It was smooth on the inner face, giving no foothold, no vantage to the fingers.

From this lofty vantage point its whole conformation is as clear as on a map.

From this vantage point I scanned the surrounding country for signs of the interloper.

Rick found a vantage point behind a sedan that had all its windows open.

And a stable lad ran into the yard from his vantage point on a hillock.

I lost my place of vantage and was relegated to the middle of the floor.

Let us not be parsimonious, fellow teachers, when we reach these vantage grounds of glory!

Suddenly, Germans armed with easels and palettes sprang up fully equipped at every vantage viewpoint.

From this vantage point Wetzel saw a clear space surrounded by pines and hemlocks.

Diablo was cold and Sol was hot; therein lay the only handicap and vantage.

Looked down upon from any point of vantage, it has the aspect of an ecclesiastical capital.

Since only the swimmers can reach this vantage ground, one soon learns which they are.

And Bud was shinning down over the edge clawing tightly the stone points of vantage.

Just crept forward and, gaining a point of vantage, watched the movements of the combatants.

In the consideration of Browning's dramas it is needful to be sure of one's vantage for judgment.

A vast panorama spreads out in every direction from this melancholy and dirty point of vantage.

The squatter walked to the head of the cot and peered from all points of vantage.

From this vantage ground they encouraged the combatants, but took no active part in the fray.

Slowly he gained a vantage point where again the roof gable was visible against the sky.

The greatest point of vantage in all Plymouth is the great open space beside the citadel.

Every point of vantage was seized, and some scores of emigrants were clinging to the rigging.

Climb along the river-bed here; it is difficult and toilsome work, but the vantage is unique.

From this point of vantage the motorists could see an enormous distance over the flat country.

And even at that moment the watcher was watching from his vantage behind the corner.

Smoke spurted from windows and other points of vantage and hung wavering in the heated air.

I saw him running now, well beyond my range, to ferret out another point of vantage.

Every conceivable vantage point was taken inside the big auditorium long before the services were begun.

From other vantage points at the jungle's border two other watchers looked out upon the scene.

This vantage he utilized by flinging himself bodily at a low-forked hickory tree directly in his path.

Again the road ascended a stiff grade and rose to splendid vantage points above the vexed river.

My guard scoured the country from the high point of vantage to which we had ascended.

My guard scoured the country from the high point of vantage on which we had ascended.

As compared with many sciences, physics occupies in this respect a position of vantage that is easily explained.

Instead, he buttonholed an exquisite being arrayed in gorgeous apparel, and led him to a point of vantage.

From that point of vantage he greeted them with his usual laugh, but broken and embarrassed.

From his vantage point he saw the pale-blue chauffeur hold open the door of the pale-blue limousine.

He quietly withdraws, closes the door noiselessly behind him and listens from a safe point of vantage.

Dane squirmed forward and at last gained a vantage point from which to survey the poachers' camp.

They have stepped to a vantage from which nothing in man's contemptuous philosophy will ever dislodge them.

From his uncomfortable vantage point, Pemberton noticed that they were passing clumps of intricate stone machinery.

Kalman climbed in, and from that point of vantage watched the rest of the hitching process.

Before many months every vantage point which the Germans had won was back in French hands.

This too affords a vantage from which the average editor can view what is transpiring in this country.

Finding a vantage point, where his back was protected by the tor itself, he crouched down.

Indians everywhere laid ambush for them, and assailed them with poisoned arrows from every point of vantage.