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Use vantage in a sentence

Definition of vantage:

  • (noun) place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective)
  • (noun) the quality of having a superior or more favorable position;

Sentence Examples:

Strange, grotesque shapes, mammoth caricatures of animals, clamber, crouch, or spring from vantage points hundreds of feet in air.

He crawled between some rock outcroppings, hugging the ground until he reached a vantage point overlooking the area ahead.

From its peculiar vantage point, the detached half of Gavin's personality knew the inexorable sequence of events to follow.

Being generally self-possessed, she had a horror of slipping into shyness and so retrograding from her usual vantage ground.

From this vantage-ground she viewed the game; remembering every card, and gave a casting voice on sundry contested questions.

Having definitely settled for himself the question of identity, Judson renewed his search for some eavesdropping point of vantage.

A dyke needed to be erected to stem the English encroachments and to preserve and consolidate the Hollander position of vantage.

All about them grew tough underbrush, some of it out of the crevices themselves, and this offered an excellent vantage point.

Owing to their vantage ground on the hill the enemy had little difficulty in sniping and shelling our trenches effectively.

To maintain its vantage and to guard against reprisals, the victorious state had to keep in military readiness on land and sea.

At a vantage point close to the water both surveys followed the same hillside, which offered the only practical passageway.

The queen doubtless looking, from some gorgeously decorated point of vantage when she did not personally share in the pageant.

Towers, round and square at intervals, strengthened the walls, and formed points of vantage and of assembly for the besieged.

He had leaped very smartly to this point of vantage, nevertheless he found Jumbo there before him, chattering worse than ever!

Large oval mirrors in heavy carved frames, duplicated the lovely adornments of this brilliant room from a dozen points of vantage.

In gratitude and thanksgiving I beheld and worshiped, and with a feeling of growing dignity moved on to another vantage ground.

The crowd was reverent; and cases of lack of feeling were rectified by Black-and-Tans posted in lorries at points of vantage.

From her safe vantage in the tree, even more certainly than Madge, she realized the fate that must soon overtake her chum.

From some unseen point of vantage he seemed to have foretold the coming of this visitor, and prepared to minister to her entertainment.

With a feline effort (her feet supported by the Grotto boulders), it needed but a bound to attain an incomparable post of vantage.

According to modern naval tactics, all four at once would have assailed the enemy, taking vantage stations on her quarters and bows.

These men, establishing themselves in the cupola, found it an excellent vantage point to fire upon and annoy the sentries on guard.

Five galleries cut from the tunnel to the canyon wall offer the motorist vantage points for viewing the awe-inspiring scenery.

"There goes number one," said Tom to his unit mates as they watched from a vantage point near one of the service hangars.

Considerably scared, they crept back from their position of vantage, and, rushing through the darkening wood, managed to regain the pathway.

From that vantage point they could see that the storm was a purely localized affair, perhaps some twenty miles in diameter.

We cannot understand the saints standing outside human life and from the vantage point of their achievement looking on as indolent spectators.

I know nothing whatever about that race, though I watched it from the best vantage point on the course, our own verandah.

Now, when Duran had gone out of view again, they scurried round to a point of vantage situate to the northeast of the hut.

A leap from this vantage, the tearing of claws, the sinking of fangs, and this circus train would have witnessed a tragedy.

Whitman was intensely national and local, looking on life, however broadly he may have seen it, always from his American vantage point.

They were away in a flash, reappearing from behind their vantage point with two ewes and an almost full-grown lamb following them.

The vantage ground is on the edge of a dizzy precipice, but the picture thus sternly framed is too exquisite to be easily abandoned.

How little it could be complacently he was to feel with the last thoroughness before he had moved from his point of vantage.

Men armed with rifles also took positions at various points of vantage in the mill buildings and a desultory fire was kept up.

They revolved in circles, each trying to rise higher, directly over the other, and pour from that point of vantage volleys of lead.

Reaching the vantage of that viewpoint, and while standing behind a shielding porch column, she peeped from behind it, like one frightened.

Their opponents coming over found the rival clan posted in a seemingly impregnable position on every point of vantage on that steep ascent.

Walking parties find each year new paths leading through deep forests to quiet recesses of the mountains and points of vantage hitherto unapproachable.

Thence, from this point of vantage, the delighted eye drank in the matchless panorama which circled before it under the clearest of skies.

In fact, education offers a vantage ground from which to penetrate to the human, as distinct from the technical, significance of philosophic discussions.

This was accomplished noiselessly, and, from the vantage point thus obtained, I was enabled to survey a large portion of the room.

On November 2 the Boers began to occupy the points of vantage around Ladysmith, and telegraphic communication with the south was cut.

From that vantage point, where he could look across at it instead of trying to look through it, the beech thicket became more open.

The den is usually at the end of a burrow dug in soft soil close to a vantage point which overlooks the surrounding area.

From this point of vantage the enemy kept up a galling fire, and it soon became evident the battery would have to be stormed.

The midsummer heat had done nothing to discourage the public from attendance, and, as usual, every seat and vantage place was at a premium.

From the vantage point of a room across the hall he had been quietly listening, and decided it a rather unfruitful piece of eavesdropping.

Patiently, with no hurry or excitement, they slowly made their difficult way among the rocks and ferns to the vantage point desired.

Her relations, near and distant, held so many of the points of vantage in English public life that her word inevitably carried weight.

One by one the points of vantage held by the enemy since the beginning of siege warfare were being wrested from his grasp.

Never a day passed, but he would strut round the grounds, looking at the nude structure from a hundred different points of vantage.

Others would station themselves at points of vantage with barrels and tubs of water and duck the unwary they were able to entrap.

From his position of vantage he could hear scraps of conversation through the open windows, and see dark figures flitting before the mellow lamps.

It was a crucial moment for the Glen; and, looking from his vantage point on the verandah, Store Thompson held his breath.

Crouch, followed by Jimmy, dragged himself to the forecastle, which was the only point of vantage left on the demolished, shattered ship.

He saw, also, the close of a battle on land, the enemy routed, and our forces in possession of vantage ground of incalculable importance.

Taken by surprise, he had lost his vantage, and now saw that his adversary had cleverly ranged against him an adverse opinion.

His head was raised slightly above the level of the rock, and from his point of vantage a splendid panorama spread out beneath him.

Climbing or descending the steep cliffs and crags of their terrain to new points of vantage; and every hour with their numbers augmenting.

With difficulty the passengers were got up to the bow, where they clustered and clung about the windlass and other points of vantage.

From this point of vantage we discovered a small herd of browsing buffalo but so far away from us as to be beyond rifle range.

Already the fleets of the American navy had been concentrated at points of vantage, so that little was left to be done on that score.

He had evolved rules of great importance for himself, but always he had worked them out from the vantage point of the huntsman.

He had burnt his bridges behind him, and, like a skillful cavalry leader, was picking out the vantage points in the enemy's country.

From this vantage point the mountaineer also gets a concept of the magnitude of the first and largest glaciers that scoured the landscape.

Really, though both wished for war, neither was prepared to be the aggressor; both wanted the vantage of seeming to fight in self-defense.

The kraal which formerly occupied these rocky vantage grounds is now removed to level ground, and built without a fence of any kind.

"Load," called back Si, from the vantage ground of a little knoll, upon which he was standing, trying to see into the darkness beyond.

Together we run through the snow in the direction of the smoke, until a hillock gives us a vantage point of the surrounding country.

From this point of vantage the whole of the shining river could be seen, save where a knoll or bluff intercepted portions of it.

The Turks, too confident in their strength, had thoughtlessly failed to occupy the heights, and by this carelessness gave their foes a position of vantage.

Every inch that he pried it forward, the stones slipped farther down into the widening crack and held the vantage he had gained.

Love for beauty has a way of enticing beauty; the seeing eye wins its own ranges of vision, finds points of vantage in unlikely ground.

His point of vantage was in the approximate center of an island of sand and shingle, a mile long, perhaps, by half a mile wide.

They fortunately failed to hit the plucky gunner, but from his vantage he scored heavily against them, killing two men and a horse.

More in astonishment than dismay, the foremost Danes recoiled upon their fellows, causing a jam and confusion that prolonged the vantage of the Franks.

An improvised fort was instantly formed, by the boys crouching in various points of vantage in the automobile with their rifles menacingly pointed outward.

The latter, belonging to a superior race, were sufficiently heavy; and more, their oblong nymph-like envelope, round and smooth, offered no points of vantage.

He rises, and making a swift semicircular flight, pitches on another point of vantage, whilst the hen also appears and regards us with anxiety.

We did not propose to allow the Germans to hold their new possessions, the points of vantage out of which they had hustled us.

Standing on this vantage ground, whatever beauty of form and motion and whatever commendable mental traits he may possess are conventionally acknowledged and magnified.

When breakfast was over, Grace took Caroline to the turret of the lighthouse to enjoy the extensive view which such a point of vantage afforded.

The enemy closed in about us and from their points of vantage their deadly arrows and bullets were hurled upon our low wall of defense.

From a point of vantage in the doorway she superintended the tailor, and kept an eye on all that went on in the back verandah.

From the vantage point of a later day it is possible to see how frail was the skiff he navigated and how perilous the seas.

There was no further conversation while the girls stealthily tiptoed to a vantage point and watched the thick bushes that concealed the warbler.

Again the bandit looked wonderingly at this man, who was conceding to him point after point of vantage, in a combat for life and death.

Kirk contented himself to-day with a point of vantage on the landing, for the tiny naphtha launch was not yet ready for duty.

From their vantage point they had seen the water coming down a rocky defile, though its exact source they could only guess at.

There were no landmarks to hold the mind to the scene, nor, in case of battle, give the strategists points of vantage for the iron game.

When I first looked down on the fascinating and unique vision presented to my eyes from this point of vantage it was a sight truly marvelous.

For the proscription of the worst kind of gambling has given a vantage ground from which to attack the principle of gambling wherever found.

From the vantage place there at the top of the steps Sarah stood and surveyed her brother's wide and guileless face for a second.

And then a hum of exultation ran through their ranks as they realized that their tougher, harder, stronger man held the vantage, after all.

Quieted at length, he managed to bring him to a standstill within the gates, and from that safe vantage ground he turned to face the enemy.

There is a glorious view in every direction from the breezy highlands, and no one should miss the picture of Quebec seen from this vantage ground.

He fell backwards on to a heap of street debris and refuse, from which lowly vantage ground he contrived to give away the whole miserable tale.

The Governor had held the temper of his enemies in contempt too light, and now repented of his rashness in giving them a vantage ground.

It is undeniably true that, viewed from the vantage-ground attained by popular institutions and constitutional government in many Occidental nations, Japan is still lagging behind.