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Use vantage in a sentence

Definition of vantage:

  • (noun) place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective)
  • (noun) the quality of having a superior or more favorable position;

Sentence Examples:

Its foe occupied every position of vantage.

The vantage-ground won is something enormous.

This was an excellent vantage point.

Paul reached a point of vantage first.

Trying to find a good vantage point.

Lookouts were stationed at every vantage point.

The ball is then teed at "vantage."

The others waited in vantage points outside.

At last Ken gained his vantage point.

It proved the very vantage-ground we desired.

Maxwell quickly seized this point of vantage.

There is no better vantage point imaginable.

Here the rogue spies his vantage ground.

I view them from unusual points of vantage.

It was his favorite vantage point in leisure.

Let none stir from his vantage ground.

This places us on a high vantage ground.

All our arts aim to win this vantage.

Soon he reached the vantage spot he sought.

From that point of vantage he looked back.

That sum is a distinct point of vantage.

Guns were placed at every point of vantage.

Here have we had our vantage, the good hour.

I see a vantage ground more to my liking.

She would give Claire's schemes no vantage ground.

They reached a vantage point and looked in.

For I had them all at deadly vantage.

Cried Ted, as he saw the vantage point.

From this point of vantage he proceeded to argue.

We retired to our vantage ground on the heights.

He examined the house from this point of vantage.

The infantry were distributed at various points of vantage.

Stanton, to secure the vantage ground in a bargain.

Under one had taken vantage of your shame too?

We should thus lose much of our vantage ground.

Castles rise up on nearly every point of vantage.

From this vantage point the light seemed stronger.

Chamberlain's opinion it would not be a coin of vantage.

From this vantage ground the landscape is magnificent.

Together they visit the different points of vantage.

This point of vantage commanded the other valley.

It is man's vantage for a fresh pull up.

Yet you have all the vantage of her wrong.

I waited too long, until every vantage left me.

And thus I took the vantage of those few.

The sudden turn gave him a post of vantage.

From his point of vantage, what did he see?

It gave me vantage, a height from which to strike.

What was the logical vantage point for him?

Once more he settled himself in his place of vantage.

From his vantage point the butler smiled ironically.

Sighting was scientifically directed from the vantage point.

It placed him at once on a certain vantage ground.

Most of it was visible from their vantage point.

I cannot tell you all that my vantage surveyed.

Old Fletcher edged himself into the place of vantage.

From this point of vantage the entire scene unfolded.

The crowds began early to gather at vantage points.

This point of vantage commanded varied and lovely views.

From that point of vantage he inspected the village.

From this vantage point I surveyed the crater again.

Artillery was placed at vantage points on the ridges.

In the earlier centuries it was merely a vantage ground.

Advantage or 'vantage, in the time of Shakespeare, signified opportunity.

Observe your position from a slightly different reign of vantage.

Please tell me who else holds that place of vantage.

On what a point of vantage does this place him!

The bell sounded more clearly from this vantage point.

From that vantage point he watched with straining eyes.

Then from that vantage ground you can help me.

It is the point of vantage for government and engineering.

There am I, Till time and vantage crave my company.

He was safe in a position of vantage at the goat pens.

Men fight best at home on their own vantage ground.

"That would be a good vantage point," answered the captain.

His chief point of vantage is his ability to concentrate.

From this point of vantage he called out "Hands up!"

He much preferred to watch Adrian from this vantage point.

What was the nation that held this position of vantage?

The vantage was still on his side of the net.

You're her father, and that gives you a big vantage.

Said Barnabas enthusiastically, surveying it from his post of vantage.

From this point of vantage he took in the prairie landscape.

He looked down upon the earth from some point of vantage.

And he helped a child to a vantage point beside him.

That post of vantage had to be left to the foe.

This is a vantage ground that it is hazardous to yield.

With glad welcome may the Poet see Extension's golden vantage!

They possessed the advantage of numbers and point of vantage.

From this point of vantage she flung him a question.

Our scouts have explored most thoroughly every possible vantage ground.

From this vantage point you can view the whole compound.

His keen eye picked out a position of vantage on the Heights.

This was the highest point of vantage in the garden.

From this point of vantage he could see the entire plain.

It was such a post of vantage as Brown Bull loved.

"That's just it, sir," said King, seeing a point of vantage.

Two vantages scored in succession were needed by one side to win.

No pleasure is comparable to standing on the vantage ground of truth.

On climbing to a high point of vantage I made another discovery.