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Use vantage in a sentence

Definition of vantage:

  • (noun) place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective)
  • (noun) the quality of having a superior or more favorable position;

Sentence Examples:

Carefully she watched the lower floor of the store from the vantage ground of the notion counter.

He climbed to the top of a huge boulder, and looked in all directions from that point of vantage.

Upon his ears, in his place of vantage, came the sound of the driving in of the iron bolts.

With such a radical opposition of sentiment, both factions were on the alert to seize every available vantage ground.

They stood at a distance, viewing the doings; however, not one of them but had a vantage position.

What kind of influence he exerted from that post of vantage the pages of this book will tell.

Amalia went back to her point of vantage, where she could see all about the cabin and shed.

There were fellow operatives, he knew, scores of them, posted at all points of vantage along the docks.

They were talking around Miller, who was going to give them places of vantage for the coming show.

This possibility is ordinarily denied the surface-of-the-earth photographer, but the proper vantage point is attained in the airplane.

It took them most of the afternoon to reach a vantage point overlooking where the warriors had disappeared.

As he reached a point of vantage a double blast of fire overhead greeted him; then the firing ceased altogether.

Fifteen thousand spectators from posts of vantage round the field witnessed the fearful onslaught of the enemy.

It is no disgrace to her to be quick to seize an opportunity and shrewd to find a point of vantage.

I was compelled to shift from my point of vantage, yet I remained in the vicinity unseen by either.

The Federals were anxious to have it, since it was an excellent vantage point from which to threaten Richmond.

If I did, might he not pick us both off, from a safe vantage point, by some sharp-shooting skill?

That knowledge had been gained from the vantage of a stairway on the outside of the Stock Exchange building.

Marguerite, looking down from her high vantage point, saw the men upon the pathway busy like ants.

Orlando had been at a point of vantage on a lonely rise about eighty feet above the level of the prairie.

From their point of vantage they had seen the knight cross the bridge with trouble and pain.

I am not terribly strong for the unions, but the point of vantage is always with the employers.

During the reigns of the Conqueror and his successors many noble strongholds were erected on points of vantage.

And Bobby climbed down quickly from his point of vantage, so as not to miss the interesting arrival.

Concealing their ponies there, they reached points of vantage above the valley and studied the terrain before them.

The room was crowded to its full capacity and there was a general scramble for posts of vantage.

She had resumed her seat and again had herself under full control, but with some loss of vantage.

Another shout and the charging hosts swept on again to a new point of vantage from which to fire.

Frequently he, with myself and friends sitting at a good point of vantage, would be the only people there.

He told the car to stop at the base of the little rise that he used before as a vantage point.

The young king drew aside to a point of vantage and threw a rapid glance at the barbarian host.

It was very easy to envy from the comfortable vantage ground of a hundred and fifty thousand a year.

If, again, he had the vantage of me, I had no reputation to lose, so I might remain where I pleased.

For the Indians, too, the high lands were points of vantage both in hunting and in times of war.

The first struggle therefore between Rhodes and Kruger was for this vital point of vantage, the neck.

We must, therefore, if possible, meet them on vantage ground, or, at least, with adequate means for the conflict.

You have exactly the same vantage that I had at the start, and you certainly cannot wish for more.

The fort was designed, too, so that every wall could be seen from some vantage point inside the Castillo.

From their high point of vantage they were soon forced to witness one of the most horrible sights imaginable.

Every space and vantage ground from which a view of the fire could be obtained was crowded with spectators.

From this vantage ground the teacher should look the class over for a few seconds, still without speaking.

He did not waste many minutes studying the empty prairie from the vantage point of that ridge, however.

We look forward from the vantage ground of the present, and the world of a new revelation lies before us.

We have discovered a point of vantage which will yield us an insight into the inner structure of the condition.

The successive failures, especially the last, gave the opposition great vantage ground in declaring against the scheme altogether.

She struggled bravely to hold her vantage ground once gained so easily, but the inevitable was not to be avoided.

From their point of vantage the sheriff, his deputies and Jerry watched what was going on below them.

Once here, he went on to the edge of the lake, and scrambled through the bushes to a vantage point.

When they reached the place Bob had thought would be a point of vantage, the mystery was explained.

She could send out her men by the various routes to the points of vantage where the struggle lay.

I was terribly interested in it all, but horribly shocked, and from my vantage of fifteen years I said.

Said Jack proudly, and Sylvia nodded her head in emphatic approval from her place of vantage on the sofa.

From her vantage point she could see Gregory swimming on with closed eyes in the direction of the rocks.

From this vantage point they could see the raft as it rose and fell upon the long, sweeping surges.

From that place of vantage he could hear what was said and give his orders when the speech ended.

By about noon the Americans held all the points of vantage, and as evening approached, the firing died away.

She said to Robbie, who stared open-mouthed at the scene from the safe vantage ground of the back stoop.

Well, everyone was making for that point of vantage, and so you may be sure I lost no time in following.

They not only filled the streets, but climbed upon every available vantage point in order to see the Belgians.

And from this vantage point, safe in the darkness, they looked straight across the hall into a large room.

Like the hawks they peered down from their point of vantage into the profound gloom of the valley below.

A true interest takes pleasure in acquired knowledge, and standing upon this vantage looks with inquiring purpose into new worlds.

From the superior vantage ground of her position, it is for her to hold out the right hand of fellowship.

When I am out of her company I can contemplate her calmly from my vantage of social and intellectual superiority.

There was none simply because the girl had no vantage point from which to look at his life and hers.

With this sanction we pushed along the crowded deck in order to gain a post of vantage at the bow.

In his eagerness to reach a place of vantage before the girl was sold, he pushed roughly into the crowd.

We are viewing all this from our vantage point at (what is now) the most recent episode of the Cenozoic.

To his great joy, from this point of vantage he could see flames on the further side of the island.

A man's judgment gets twisted, his ground becomes insecure and his point of vantage weakens when he becomes angry.

This vantage ground he would give up by having recourse to flight, as this would be a virtual acknowledgment of guilt.

A magnificent view up and down the Potomac River could be had from that vantage spot, long since disappeared.

These great centers of action will be plotted against and observed from every vantage point by a thousand observers.

From their vantage point they could see it brilliantly lighted at short intervals by the flares of the enemy.

Their main body gained a vantage ground behind an elevation sufficient to protect them and just in front of our position.

Groups of people were collected in the street up which we passed, and were occupying posts of vantage along the route.

From the dry vantage thereof he cranes his neck in a tentative way, the better to survey the heavens.

This position of vantage it has retained even to the present day, when Western Europe has become the focus of civilization.

Be careful to find out beforehand how many sets are to be played, and if they are vantage sets or not.

He would have the effects of light and darkness from the vantage of the preying and the preyed upon.

Loops were put to vantage points on the side strap and through these the shafts of the cart were run.

The men mounted quickly and rode out to gain the vantage ground of the north hill before the enemy's arrival.

Annabel opened a box of chocolates and curled up comfortably on the couch, from which vantage she watched operations lazily.

He put on a face of mock gravity, and Kenton knew with helpless fury that he was enjoying his vantage.

From my present vantage ground I can see many sinners among all of them, and some saints in each group.

In addition, crowds of people could be seen at various points of vantage, many of them gathering on the roofs of houses.

The little party had divided, seeking various vantage points from which views of the great rapids could be obtained.

From this point of vantage the lads could clearly see the camp within the range of their field glasses.

From the vantage ground of twenty-five years after, it is interesting to read what leading exponents of public opinion said then.

It was true, as his father had said, that he started at a point of vantage not given to every one.

At his request, I seated myself opposite him, and from this point of vantage made a hurried study of his appearance.

Much progress had been made, and substantial vantage ground had been gained, but the problem still awaited practical solution.

From the vantage point of the higher elevation on the yacht they could watch all without any trouble whatever.

I climbed to the summit and from that point of vantage surveyed the surrounding country, looking for the den.

He placed his remaining handful of men at points of vantage where they could cover the retreat of the fifteen.

It was with the object of describing these scenes, viewed from a rare vantage point, that the story was written.

The barbarians occupied a post of vantage on our route and showered down darts, stones, and arrows upon us as we passed.

Right and left, on higher crests, were the Turks in force, determined to drive them from their post of vantage.

It is not easy to imagine a more delightful ground of vantage from which to overlook the town and command the coast.

From this vantage place, by climbing to a certain point they could command a full view of the valley below.