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Use gleefully in a sentence

Definition of gleefully:

  • (adverb) in a joyous and gleeful manner;

Sentence Examples:

They looked at each other gleefully.

"I don't mind risking it," she answered gleefully.

Bee snapped his fingers gleefully.

"That'll do fine," he said gleefully.

Cried the little girl, gleefully.

The old lady chuckled gleefully.

The old lady laughed gleefully.

Shouted the old boy, gleefully.

The red-headed boy grinned gleefully.

This proposal was gleefully received.

Rubbing his hands together gleefully.

The dog barked almost gleefully.

The little girl laughed gleefully.

Replied Sally, gleefully; "dead away!"

Chuckled the old man gleefully.

The dog gleefully grinned assent.

"See who comes," he shouted gleefully.

"Fish in a barrel," Toffee said gleefully.

Pollyanna only chuckled the more gleefully.

Sang out the rich boy, gleefully.

And again the dwarf laughed gleefully.

He cried, clapping his hands gleefully.

Then her laugh rang out gleefully.

Added the other childish voice, gleefully.

"Giving 'em hell," I thought gleefully.

Then he rubbed his hands gleefully.

"Good enough," he told himself gleefully.

How gleefully this child's eyes sparkled!

He persisted gleefully, holding her still.

He said, gleefully rubbing his hands.

He giggled gleefully, closely examining himself.

Gleefully the maidens formed a line.

He says gleefully, "I told you so."

"They've commenced to dance," he said gleefully.

Page laughed so gleefully that he smiled.

"I won my bet," he repeated gleefully.

He gleefully proclaimed, in his own voice.

The girl clapped her hands gleefully.

Francois cried, slapping his thighs gleefully.

She clapped her thin hands gleefully.

Both children clapped their hands gleefully.

They spoke much and laughed gleefully.

Meg danced gleefully round the table.

She cried, clapping her hands gleefully.

Old Nick rubbed his hands gleefully.

Clapping her hands and laughing gleefully.

The girls clapped their hands gleefully.

McCann, rubbing his hands gleefully together.

Then she clapped her hands gleefully.

Bob cried, gleefully clapping his hands.

It's gone, his mind observed gleefully.

Answered David gleefully to Caroline's beautiful confusion.

Gleefully as a boy Mallow did likewise.

Said Faith gleefully, as she turned away.

He had demanded of her once, gleefully.

Even Rupert talked gleefully of "seeing" it.

He said, gleefully catching up the rope.

Julie hopped about, clapping her hands gleefully.

It went wide and Fred laughed gleefully.

Smiling gleefully he settled to the grind.

Now they gleefully made a game of sunshine.

He shouted gleefully when all was accomplished.

"It is ours," cried the boys gleefully.

The child skipped up the steps gleefully.

Wicked Cherry chuckled gleefully at the remembrance.

"All clear as crystal," she asserted gleefully.

They marched gleefully to the castle gate.

She had expected it, he thought gleefully.

When she had finished, he laughed gleefully.

Cap'n Mike rubbed his hands together gleefully.

Carl cut the word out almost gleefully.

Salt gleefully snapped a picture and dodged.

He rubbed his hands gleefully and chuckled.

Billie smiled under her white mask gleefully.

Said the Captain, rubbing his hands gleefully.

The child laughed gleefully at the sight.

"She has come already," they shouted gleefully.

Yellow Bob chuckled gleefully over the recollection.

Said the woman, clapping her hands gleefully.

Tad grinned gleefully, as he made this declaration.

He said gleefully, and stepped into plain view.

He added gleefully, as he grasped his paddle.

Marjorie smiled gleefully, and struggled to free herself.

I put the note into my pocket, gleefully.

"Not by a damn sight," he said gleefully.

"We'll have a regular feast," said Sally gleefully.

Hoodoo cried gleefully, as he began undoing it.

"Here is your majesty's breakfast," cried Careless, gleefully.

"Limed inside and chalked outside," he retorted gleefully.

Elsie looked at him gleefully, and burst out laughing.

Said Trent, rising gleefully at the face of opposition.

"I will be just to him," said she gleefully.

"Well, I hope that's decisive enough," said Tony, gleefully.

Eva said gleefully when she peered in her box.

"Now cut one for me," urged Linnet gleefully.

Dorothea's hands came together, and she laughed gleefully.

He chuckled and rubbed his hands together gleefully.

The little boy jumped up and down gleefully.

"It's going to be a real storm," said Julia gleefully.

"That's my yacht," sang out the boy gleefully.