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Use gleefully in a sentence

Definition of gleefully:

  • (adverb) in a joyous and gleeful manner;

Sentence Examples:

They gleefully and merrily called themselves Abolitionists and seemed to enjoy the novel accusation of appropriating that horrible name.

"That settles them, I reckon," Skip cried, gleefully, as, unmindful of the blinding dust, he sprang toward Bill's blouse.

Kitty laughed gleefully, and soon rectified her mistake, and the meal progressed, accompanied by gay remarks of all sorts.

Entry deadlines are habitually postponed, bureaucratic hurdles gleefully presented, sadistic reports about the Central Europeans' lack of progress periodically issued.

He danced gleefully about, entering heartily into the applause and totally forgetful of the fact that he was on dangerous ground.

He rattled on, gleefully pointing to the stenciled end, where everything but "Pride of the Family" had been carefully erased.

Cried the amiable youth gleefully, flourishing his crutch about his head as if on the point of launching it at the party.

He shouted gleefully, insisting on going through the whole performance again in order that his father might witness his cleverness.

The instant he found himself in court, he reverted to type, somewhat gleefully setting about to make as much trouble as possible.

They began plucking and eating the berries, shouting gleefully to one another to signal the discovery of an especially well-laden bush.

Child-like, they had asked for what lay farthest from hand, but Octavian trotted off gleefully to obey their welcome behest.

Outside of these are seen family groups, some sewing, some spinning, while children gleefully tumble about and play in the inviting grass.

I have multiplied the knots and tripled the wrappings, and I gleefully follow their impatient fingers entangled among the strings.

In its mad careering down the aisles of the pathetic forest, it caught up the dead leaves and whirled them about gleefully.

Even the aged veterans who were too old to participate hobbled about chuckling gleefully in anticipation of the feasts which were now assured.

Unable to move or speak, they glared defiantly into the faces of the triumphant Delawares who stooped over them and laughed gleefully.

"And Captain Kane said we could use his steamboat," cried Dorothy, gleefully; "so we've really got a whole navy at our disposal!"

The pigeon gleefully accepts the proffered gift, and discovers later on that the alleged gold coins are nothing but base metal.

We congratulated each other gleefully; and even old Ben, somewhat shaken up in his cage astern, wagged his tail in appreciation of the situation.

Thereupon, of course, the mistress scolded and equally, of course, the master smiled and gleefully told the news to the guests.

And as he gleefully told himself on each occasion, from the clamor that ensued he felt pretty positive that he had hit something.

He named the leading conspirators, explained the vulnerable points in the scheme, and gleefully boasted of his own skill and diplomacy.

He rubbed his hands gleefully, laughed softly to himself, and exhibited, in short, all the outward characteristics of a thoroughly gratified man.

Billy Winch, as gay-hearted a rascal as ever stumped on one leg or rode a wild, half-broken horse in carelessly lopsided fashion, laughed gleefully.

The reindeer will skip gleefully over the mountains to welcome his coming, and will look longingly to him for the green pastures.

Anderson left the room, and, while Kathleen and Rose gleefully squabbled over the bundles, Lenore continued to gaze dreamily out of the window.

He remained a few minutes, then reappeared with a beaming countenance, and made straight for where I was standing, rubbing his hands gleefully.

She exclaimed playfully as the two little girls, laughing gleefully, ended their run by flinging themselves ecstatically upon herself and Grace.

She cried, gleefully, and radiant with smiles as she picked up that homely and comforting implement where he had let it fall.

We hear the snow-white mountain becks breaking into waterfalls on every side as they hurry on and plunge themselves gleefully into the sparkling fjord.

Down below, nearer the spring, his wife swung in the hammock, and the children picked berries, fetched water, and were gleefully busy.

Shouted the others gleefully, and soon the group of horsemen had joined the two friends and greetings and welcomes were warmly exchanged.

"Poker" John seemed to have forgotten the past heavy losses, and spoke gleefully of the paltry five hundred he had just scooped in.

The fair being fluttered his gauzy wings gleefully, and tapped Johannes on the cheek with an iris flower he had in his hand.

He wasn't in a gay mood this morning, as were many of them who were gleefully recounting some of the slick violations they'd picked up.

"We accomplished great things yesterday," said Spiffy, rubbing his hands gleefully, for he had himself benefited by the settlement above alluded to.

Kid McCoy gleefully unearthed a pair of blue and white socks that exactly matched the dress, but they proved very much too small.

He drew out his money for the child to count over gleefully, thus diverting himself with the boy, while he watched Cassandra furtively.

Primrose told gleefully how they had disguised him and seen him safe on the road where he was not likely to meet the soldiery.

Peace gleefully jerked off her rampant pink bow, and the older girl deftly tied it among the raven locks of the other orphan.

Small birds twittered on each bough, sang their little songs of love or hate, and gleefully fled or pursued each other from tree to tree.

The dog soon ceased his angry demonstrations; and, springing gleefully upon his chain, commenced wagging his tail in friendly recognition of the new arrival.

Here was no case, he thought gleefully to himself, that called for tact or diplomacy, or any lady-like little weapons, which Comber probably possessed.

Daylight did not suggest anything, while he hung almost gleefully upon her actions in anticipation of what the fractious Bob was going to get.

Alan grinned gleefully as the cool rain washed away the sweat that clung to him; while pedestrians scurried for cover, he gloried in the downpour.

As for Bob, he gleefully accepted all the glory that was offered and at last persuaded Jeremy to take the affair as philosophically as himself.

She struck her hands together gleefully, but when her husband had gone to his business she bowed upon the floor and wept pitifully.

Then she laughed heartily, and clapped her small gloved hands gleefully, knowing that she had successfully turned my own sarcasm against myself.

Gleefully he reconstituted the image of that warrior as he had last seen him sitting in the gutter attending to his features with a reddened handkerchief.

"Little pot, soon hot," she said out loud, gleefully, and reached into the cupboard for the crock of bran in which the eggs were kept.

He ate some of it, and squeezed the rest up tightly in his hands, gleefully watching it come up between his wee fingers in little worm-like morsels.

The music stops, but bells still ring, while Dorothy takes the key, goes to the box, and unlocks it, followed gleefully by Brownies.

The story is well known in Nevada County; but Mamie laughed gleefully, and turned her saucy eyes upon Charley: "Did you help to bump George Washington?"

The wagon jolted along, for the road was full of frozen ruts, and Muriel laughed gleefully as she was thrown against the older woman.

He twisted his intake valve all the way and laughed and howled and capered gleefully as the oxygen flooded into his starved heaving lungs.

Cash cast his eyes over the stock of baby clothes which Bud gleefully unwrapped on his bunk, and pinched out a smile under his beard.

"We shall have a splendid autumn after this is over," said all the squatters gleefully, "with lots of feed: there's Tyler's creek coming down beautifully."

They scurried gleefully away, much delighted with the principal's decision, and already planning what they might do to fill the vacation days for Tabitha.

During the first years of his sojourn in Paris Heine entered gleefully into all the enjoyment and stimulation that the gay capital had to offer.

What little gray dawn there was enabled him gleefully to inspect the completed sledges as they stood ready in their special groups outside our hut.

A half hour later, the anxious brothers were relieved by the appearance of Jim among them, when he gleefully recounted his adventure, quite jubilant at his success.

And I began to whistle gleefully, and taste the joke over again and laugh to myself, as we cantered along with the north wind at our backs.

He pulled off a morsel of crumb to make into a bullet, and fired it gleefully through the open pane of the window against which he was leaning.

When they applauded him she would laugh gleefully and clap her little hands together: if they interrupted him she would turn savagely upon them.

"Well, now, if this isn't just a lark," crowed Bertha, gleefully, when the last of the six girls had crowded themselves into the narrow berth.

Bob and Betty, laughing and shouting, hopped gleefully around the swaying wrestlers, Bob yelling encouragement to George, and Betty yelling just as hard for Joe.

The old man rubbed his hands gleefully together, as he corroborated the Dodger's reasoning in these terms; and chuckled with delight at his pupil's proficiency.

Indeed, he never seemed more content than when baby Hugh was on his knee, pulling his coarse reddish hair, and gurgling gleefully over this new game.

This part of the story, however, was gleefully supplied by Godfrey, who had been lying in ambush outside the door to jeer at her as she came out.

I rode away gleefully enough, for I had no fears for the old man's life, though of course I would not have him die for lack of succor.

Exclaimed Tom gleefully, as he pushed the helm to port and hauled in the sheet a trifle in order to spill none of the all too scanty breeze.

Was Caleb Barter somewhere near, perhaps on the edge of the jungle, grinning gleefully at this thing he had brought about as part of his unholy experiment?

That identified my man, and I rushed gleefully over and smilingly said in my execrable French, "Monsieur, I believe I have your pipe," holding it up to his gaze.

Conversed awhile with an Englishman at my side, who was gleefully devouring lumps of a particular something which I would not have liked to touch with tongs.

It was sophomores who under pretense of sympathetic interest wormed out of unsuspecting freshmen their inmost secrets and gleefully spread them abroad among the upper classes.

If the pudding was not plum pudding, it would be "almost as good," and they set to work gleefully stoning the raisins and beating the eggs.

And for five days and five nights, Americans, English, Chinese, Zulus, Australians, Russians, Bushmen, Argentinians, animated by a common purpose, rose gleefully and smote the invaders.

I was privileged to see him when he made his first gleefully fearless attack upon one, ignorant of the potential anguish tucked away behind a feline's velvety paws.

In searching me the detectives held up my satchel check and hurried off gleefully to the depot, quite certain that they had found the missing diamonds.

And the tiny brown elves danced gleefully around the spinner, and the thousand little anvils rang out a merry chorus to the music of the singers.

Pretty-Heart did not understand the seriousness of the situation, so he gleefully strutted along inside the ropes, side by side with the officer, mimicking his every movement.

At the time he spoke of, thirteen years back, he was certainly the most abhorred person on the premises, and gleefully chuckled over consciousness of the fact.

And Napoleon Bonaparte gleefully pinched the boy's ear, the first but by no means the last time that Jean knew him to indulge in this singular pleasantry!

Boyd seized the little fellow and whirled him around the room, laughing gleefully, lifted in one moment from the pit of despair to the height of optimism.

He looked out over the river at the wavelets dancing gleefully in the sunlight, as they ran downstream with the current as if anxious to outstrip it to the sea.

She tiptoed gleefully across the room, and, slipping between the green paper blind and the sash, shoved her head and shoulders out of the open window.

Cautiously, and in the same monkey-like fashion, he returned, paying out his line as he went, and gleefully drew all his lady admirers' attention to his huge joke.

He stood looking at them as they walked along the road, side by side, as they were to be through life, the dog frisking gleefully at their heels.

As she took this all in gleefully, the first of the boys emerged from the trees at the foot of the hill and an impish impulse seized her.

He sold out a lot of leftover souvenirs, and that Saturday afternoon boasted gleefully of being for the first time in his life the possessor of ten dollars.

"It is full of fish," gleefully exclaimed Julie; and casting a fly (for they had not come without tackle), she soon landed a trout about a pound weight.

A young man who lives here and who is just in the heyday of life, gleefully consented to show the correspondent my new residence not yet completed.

Jacqueline tumbled gleefully into cotton socks, much-mended plain cotton underwear, and a fresh frock of brown and white gingham, with a big patch in the back breadth.

She ran gleefully to the kitchen, and a moment later the loggers grinned broadly as she came through the door leading the protesting cook by the arm.

She exclaimed, dancing about as gleefully as if she had been a maiden of eight or ten instead of a woman just closing the first year of her married life.

My father assented, and gleefully I set about the task of making a duplicate of the cipher, of which I was now firmly convinced I held the key.

She was chattering gleefully: he laughed in a most contented approval of her, and, probably, with an attention none too deep to the precise purport of her merry words.

Instantly he hastened to the brigand chief, who had been prowling in the neighborhood of the hut all day, and gleefully communicated to him what he had heard.

Groups of boys released from school were pelting one another gleefully, and Jimmy observed that the snow on the pavement was already high enough to cover their knees.

Deeming him a pretty plaything, she caught him up with his team, and thrusting them into her apron, she gleefully carried them home to exhibit to her father.