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Use gleefully in a sentence

Definition of gleefully:

  • (adverb) in a joyous and gleeful manner;

Sentence Examples:

The jilted girl echoed gleefully.

Demanded the Irish lad, gleefully.

Irish Members gleefully taken up case.

Nelson gleefully returned the filched article!

The prospect set him clucking gleefully.

"I know they are breadfruit," said Mary gleefully.

He cried gleefully, as I unrolled the lot.

She clasped and unclasped her hands gleefully.

Greek chuckled gleefully at the memory of it.

One of his fellow midshipmen gleefully told him.

Gil, chortling gleefully, watched Poke recover his equilibrium.

Our dogs gleefully augmented the volume of inharmonious sound.

And the boys in the congregation tittered gleefully.

He rubbed his old wrinkled, gnarled hands gleefully.

My enemies gleefully proclaimed this an admission of imposture.

Sadie went giddily and gleefully on her downward way.

He unclasped his hands and rubbed them together gleefully.

"Well, that solves the problem," said the midget, gleefully.

Asked Darby, gleefully swinging the basket about his head.

Pajama clad, they cavorted along the sands, whooping gleefully.

The blue jay laughed at the gate gleefully, uproariously, derisively.

Elise finished gleefully, elated with the success of her teasing.

Betty tooted gleefully to Mollie, and Mollie tooted gleefully back again.

He slung the pickerel on the line, and whistled gleefully.

"And now for a comfortable little confab," he said, gleefully.

When they espied the girls they beckoned to them gleefully.

Left to himself, the rascally Russian rubbed his hands gleefully.

They ran off, sucking the sweets, gabbling gleefully to one another.

And she jumped up gleefully, and commenced unfastening the brown-paper parcel.

"You have not overstated your friend's intelligence," murmured the young Russian gleefully.

Herr Schmidt, like an overgrown schoolboy, was laughing gleefully at the stampede.

"Oh, father, I couldn't have bungled it worse myself," she cried gleefully.

She cried gleefully, with the merry tremolo of a happy, surprised child.

He clapped on his monocle, and glared gleefully at the stupefied young man.

He rubbed his hands gleefully; but Joseph was too much disheartened to reply.

She shouted gleefully in a thin, buzzing voice from a tympanum in her chest.

"Yes, the prince will come through the forest," said the little snowdrop gleefully.

Asserted the second gleefully as the stumble was overborne by an extra effort.

Unwitting of his near proximity the latter disports itself gleefully in the open clearing.

Said he to himself gleefully, as he once more slowed down to stop at the Italian frontier.

Obadiah smiled gleefully when he noticed how carefully he kept the handwriting from his eyes.

As we rode on into the interminable wastes, he rallied me gleefully, but soon tired of my moroseness.

He exploded, gleefully, as the hum of the motor took up the shrill whir of the self-starter.

Gleefully rejoined the boatswain, forgetting the augury, and everything else, in the excitement of the moment.

The little girl gleefully jumped to her feet and gave two raps with the phallus-shaped knocker.

The geisha slapped the lap of Clown with a "Cut that out," and Clown gleefully laughed.

The German officer laughed gleefully, but, even as he did so, Hal, smiling, took a step forward.

And we, swinging our legs on the shed roof, laughed gleefully and encouraged him to sail in.

Gleefully rejoined the boatswain, forgetting the augury and every thing else in the excitement of the moment.

"Now we shall get the chancel done at last," he said to his wife gleefully, rubbing his hands.

Gleefully at times they would talk of the jollification they would make when the New Rice came.

An anecdote connected with him is still gleefully told by the Newcastle pitmen, and is worth repeating.

In the parade, the chances of injury he gleefully assumes fill the sightseer with horror and dread.

Shoes and stockings came off in a jiffy and the children ran out jumping up and down gleefully.

During this I craftily assured them that I would gleefully embrace the opportunity to join issues with them.

Cried the peon leader and the robber in a breath, whilst the Apache's eyes gleamed transiently and gleefully.

Exclaimed the sub gleefully, as a babel of voices shouting in a guttural jargon came from the rammed ship.

Cried Kern; and springing up gleefully from the sofa, began to pirouette and kick about the bleak office.

Said Marion, gleefully interrogatory, and settling herself with an air of attention, and of demurely giving up the floor.

"Ah, you are the very person I was coming to see," he cried gleefully in his corrupt German accent.

Gamble chuckled gleefully over this witticism, which was evidently one which he relied upon for the making of conversation.

Their striped faces grinned gleefully as their quirts rose and fell, and their heels hammered their ponies' sides.

Tommy grinned gleefully, his mouth curving up to his nose, and rumpled his spiky hair with a delighted gesture.

The boys laughed gleefully and remounted their horses, which also seemed to appreciate the situation, for they had quieted suddenly.

He was gleefully watching the antics of a striped chipmunk that was frisking over the roof of the little siding.

I rejoined quite gleefully; for I was overjoyed at meeting with the gentle, well-remembered playmate of my own eldest girl.

All dance round it gleefully; some even jump through the tongues of flame, believing that courage will make them incombustible.

And he rubbed his hands gleefully, and winked his delight in his own astuteness at the men looking on.

And when at last he saw Dave Rankin, the blacksmith, watching him curiously, he guffawed aloud, rubbing his hands gleefully.

Tripping gleefully to the chiffonier she opened the top drawer, bringing forth a small package and a square white envelope.

The precious pair of thieves scurried along through the woods, laughing and talking gleefully over the plunder they had secured.

Dink, of course, perceiving the hesitation, went out gleefully, persuaded that the decision was gall and wormwood to his inveterate foe.

Glory settled to a long lope and kept steadily on, gleefully rattling the broken bit which dangled beneath his jaws.

What a gallant assemblage of poets and dramatists covered the buckle and snapped their fingers gleefully to the merry notes!

He sat down upon her yellow-wood table and swung one crimson leg before the other, laughing gleefully at Katharine's astonished face.

I replied, quite gleefully, for I was overjoyed at meeting with the gentle, well remembered playmate of my own eldest girl.

A young man with an astonishing compass of lungs repeated something from Shakespeare, and the night passed by gleefully and reputably.

At once, howls of execration gleefully rose from the ranks of my enemies; my departure was heralded gloriously as a confession of imposture.

In her train danced a company of wee, fairy raindrops, who deluged the Valley gleefully with showers from their sparkling wands.

And the underworld is gleefully pitching in, and getting a lot of recruits from the ranks of hungry, frightened, embittered people.

Some of them sang, others rolled on the floor, more danced gleefully about marvelous furnishings, and many lolled on rich tapestry-covered couches.

The fanatical old prospector, chuckling gleefully and sucking his pipe, ambled away while Tom looked after him, shaking his head sympathetically.

The dogs sniff round the stranger with bewildered curiosity, and the flies buzz gleefully on discovering a new victim to torment.

Onward we went, driving the herd, in which I gleefully helped, the three little dogs at times barking and fetching up stragglers.

Like a troop of children, they ran round and round the bower, and to and fro through it, gleefully chasing each other.

By dint of talking he had come to accredit the thing, and gleefully strode about the room, lifting and waving his arms.

I gleefully invented all her sayings on these momentous occasions, and described the wedding and the abhorrent bridegroom with great minuteness.

Stone succeeded in securing the lot and in making what she gleefully termed "a real Methodist conversion" of the temple into an isolation ward.

She tied my sunbonnet, made of the same pink gingham as my frock, under my chin, and we set forward gleefully upon our spree.

A Postmistress would be very clever indeed who could count the forest of hands which are waving gleefully in the air at this moment.

Both of the young cricketers had been battered and bruised, though it was nothing, they gleefully averred, to what they had meted out.

The child kissed him gleefully and sweetly a dozen times; and perhaps, after all, that was shriving and absolution for James Thompson.

Its notes now become daily more frequent; the birds multiply, and, flitting from point to point, call and warble more confidently and gleefully.

Gleefully the Norwegian fishermen continued to rake in the deluge of gold, the like of which had never been known within the memory of man.

Not satisfied with this one rioter severed her breasts and a white youngster bore it aloft on a pole triumphantly while the crowd hooted gleefully.

Counters chatted affably with other counters who chanced to be on adjoining squares, or gleefully sent them home, as they invaded the same square.

At that same moment the halting little hump-back stole out from the shadows immediately behind him, and leaned over Joel, rubbing his hands gleefully.

Gleefully they showed me their sinks with drinking water in every apartment, and told of the closets that had been installed in the basement.

Not content with the great weight of national affairs, sufficient to crush any other pachyderm, you have cheerfully and almost gleefully become a married man.

The seaman semaphored a reply, which was evidently satisfactory, for, rubbing his hands gleefully, the Lieutenant-Commander followed his guests down the narrow hatchway.