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Use gleefully in a sentence

Definition of gleefully:

  • (adverb) in a joyous and gleeful manner;

Sentence Examples:

Outside, Jack capered gleefully.

He once more chirped out gleefully.

Over sandy hillocks she went gleefully.

And again the gnome laughed gleefully.

"I'm adaptable," he told himself gleefully.

Moll wagged her short tail gleefully.

She exclaimed, clapping her hands gleefully.

She exclaimed gleefully pressing the button.

Stubby rubbed his hands together gleefully.

Gleefully shouted a fuzzy, Woolen Boy Doll.

His face brightened and he laughed gleefully.

Their men gleefully joined in the wrangle.

She laughed gleefully, like a happy schoolgirl.

They piped, capering gleefully about their victim.

Exclaimed his partner gleefully one bleak day.

The boys laughed gleefully over the subterfuge.

He exclaimed, rubbing his hands together gleefully.

His enemies rubbed their grubby hands gleefully.

Gleefully I jotted down his explicit directions.

Simmons raised back gleefully, drunkenly and confidently.

"Amendment carried," the presiding officer announced, gleefully.

They drooped, and the child laughed gleefully.

Exclaimed the girl, clapping her hands gleefully.

"It's got 'Highly Commended'," she remarked gleefully.

And the old lady pottered off gleefully.

Katherine pounced upon the truant toilet article gleefully.

Theodora laughed gleefully at her father's astonished face.

Here the "honorable colleagues" nudged each other gleefully.

"That's done the trick," exclaimed the lieutenant gleefully.

Having elucidated this delicate transaction, she laughed gleefully.

"Here comes your new-found admirers," she exclaimed, gleefully.

Grog rubbed his hands gleefully, and laughed aloud.

He exclaims gleefully, and literally skipping for joy.

She taunted gleefully, as the second call sounded.

Louis applauded, clapping his thin hands together gleefully.

Exclaimed the colt, kicking up his heels gleefully.

"It's a skunk all right," Nimrod announced gleefully.

Frank gleefully exclaimed at last, holding up a hand.

"The palaces of the sea ladies," Violetta exclaimed gleefully.

A number of boys were snowballing gleefully in a field.

The old Mystery Woman hobbled away, cackling gleefully.

The woman laughed gleefully, and wagged her head.

She chattered gleefully about them on her homeward way.

Chunky did cinch it gleefully about his saddle pommel.

Hers is laughingly protesting, while Tommy's is gleefully insistent.

They exclaimed, and he turned gleefully to welcome them.

The impish children on the refuse heaps shouted gleefully.

"Yes," cried the Old Sailor dabbing his face gleefully.

"And they made a monkey of him," interposed Horace gleefully.

Whereupon he pointed gleefully at the face of the sleeper.

Archie, bracing himself up, cackled gleefully into the receiver.

And the fairy grinned gleefully and maliciously at Tommy.

Called out Cameron gleefully, cleaning up three odd in spades.

It is good sport, and the players scamper gleefully along.

He cried, gleefully; and then he added a soulful "wow!"

He exclaims gleefully, seating himself on the bench beside her.

Says Lilian, laughing so gleefully that Cecilia perforce laughs too.

He exclaimed gleefully on the fourth day of the campaign.

And he went into another paroxysm of gleefully triumphant laughter.

She clapped her hands gleefully, willfully misunderstanding his meaning.

Cried the smart little aspirant, gleefully rubbing his hands.

"I'll back him against the marquis," thought Margaret, gleefully.

He hailed us gleefully, waving an arm over his disreputable head.

And so he chuckles o'er the fray as gleefully as Lucifer.

Standish gleefully displayed two hares and a brace of grouse.

"That's what we wanted to know, grandpa," she cried gleefully.

Quintus cackled gleefully and began to saw a throat across.

And Wolf entered gleefully into the fun of the romp.

"All you'll want to lug back," chuckled Sergeant Hal gleefully.

"It must have been one of the parrots then," said Nellie gleefully.

The ladies laughed gleefully and enjoyed the novel mode of locomotion.

"And to-day I destroy the American navy," he told me, gleefully.

She laughed in turn, as gleefully and as musically as a child.

Then he reappeared, chinking coppers in his hand and laughing gleefully.

She said all this airily, carelessly, laughing gleefully as she spoke.

And at that the others laughed gleefully, as they cantered on.

The others ran gleefully about, fascinated by the novelty of things.

The Imp of Mischance rubbed his hands gleefully at his contrivance.

How gleefully and shamelessly he chronicles his bits of sharp practice!

"Ah, but it's good to be back," said the little Bohemian, gleefully.

At length several voices exclaimed gleefully, "The ponies, the ponies are coming!"

"Now for a quiet evening in the laboratory," he exclaimed, almost gleefully.

She submitted them gleefully to the assembled girls, after French class.

"I'll do just the way the stork did," she thought, gleefully.

He gleefully held it out, while we rushed for it like hungry hogs.

Buck Mulligan gleefully bent back, laughing to the dark eavesdropping ceiling.

That worthy yelled gleefully in Mexican, and reached for his machete.

So, with this remission ahead, Madge almost gleefully accepted the bidding.

Said the outlaw leader gleefully, as he showed the plunder to his mates.

The two conspirators were watching him gleefully, occasionally exchanging sly glances.

Trolley and Joy, who knew it well, gleefully rubbed their hands.

"That's the effect of constant association with me, James," he cackled gleefully.

This seemed a good joke, and they all howled and haw-hawed gleefully.

Sandy cried gleefully and sent his meat loaf and mashed potatoes soaring.

Perched on the topmost branches of the great trees he laughed gleefully.

Those in the schooner could hear his high-pitched voice as he cackled gleefully.

The spring raking finds it out, and gleefully starts to raise a blister.

When she reached the door she turned again and gleefully taunted Edwin.

She rubbed a dirty hand around her hairy mouth and cackled gleefully.

"Beds, tables, chairs, lamps, grub," enumerated Corporal Cotter, looking about him gleefully.