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Use gleefully in a sentence

Definition of gleefully:

  • (adverb) in a joyous and gleeful manner;

Sentence Examples:

They looked at each other as they repeated that large-sounding phrase, and laughed gleefully.

"Thought you'd say that, sir," rubbing his hands gleefully, as though anticipating something.

"You're right, Reuben, you're right," the old lobster catcher cried, gleefully as any child.

All that money for a fishing rod, thought Johnny, still dancing gleefully around Grandmother.

He shouted gleefully, kicked the can over and gathered up its treasures in his handkerchief.

George replied gleefully, as he made a successful grab at another stick a couple of yards away.

Said Billy gleefully, and he proceeded to arrange an extremely trying program for Will Blanchard.

"I can hear the cheering in the Republican camp this morning," remarked another voice gleefully.

"After accepting he couldn't very well refuse because I wasn't somebody else," she ended gleefully.

Of his two children, too, he thought, anticipating gleefully the welcome they would give him.

"Perhaps I can entertain you with some other things," he said gleefully, adding, "About those photographs."

He slapped him on the shoulder as Mephistopheles might gleefully claim his own, crying, "Immense!"

Helene was watching the scene with grave interest when Jeanne burst gleefully into the room.

Irene, who had remained to supper, although she lived next door, clapped her hands gleefully.

George exclaimed, as he gleefully splashed the water, and the cloud contracted and shrank back.

Shouted Jimmie gleefully as he grasped the packet and attempted to gather up the scattered garments.

"It looks as if one might have all kinds of adventures there," added Lindsay Hepburn gleefully.

One morning I heard them laughing gleefully together as they were doing up the breakfast work.

After Quincy had gone Uncle Ike rubbed his hands together gleefully and shook with laughter.

Talking, laughing gleefully, and wondering at their good fortune, the boys hurried from the cellar.

Gleefully, Murrain reflected, in court, we attorneys can say anything, or most anything, we want to.

The familiar laughed as if a good joke had been repeated to him, and rubbed his hands gleefully.

Laughing and shouting gleefully they dove around in all directions, and then Tom suggested a race.

Again he fell back with a drunken giggle, while the editor and his reporter laughed gleefully.

The victorious Maoris, streaming gleefully into the town, began to plunder in the best of good tempers.

From his patient's window, Doctor Ralph observed the enemy in full retreat, and laughed gleefully.

She waited, eyes gleefully bright, until he was almost opposite her before she coughed, ever so faintly.

"They have a lot of mail," remarked Cora gleefully, as Jack waved letters and cards to her.

He thought gleefully, getting up and gazing blankly at the hole which bulged out more than ever.

"That decides the matter," said Fred gleefully; "we shall leave as soon as we can get ready."

Cried Brie, gleefully, to her mother after the bargain was completed, and Miss Morgan gone.

"Oh, no," the captain said, gleefully rattling the gold, with which his pockets were filled.

Now at any other time Jimmie would have gleefully picked flaws in this bit of Augusta's theology.

He rubbed his hands gleefully as he went past in the dark and looked in at the Antiquities.

Laughing gleefully, both of them, the correspondent caught her hands to pull her to her feet.

His mind responded to his triumph, and, laughing a little, he shook his captured rifle gleefully.

He swore every time one of our shells missed, and he laughed gleefully every time one went home.

She, seeing the possibility of a good joke, invited them to her home, and they gleefully accepted.

"See, father, there is the new moon, and it hangs over your right shoulder," cried Ida, gleefully.

As she struggled through the crowds a lot of men were waving sake flasks, already gleefully smashed.

"It sure beats poker," Daylight whispered gleefully to himself, as he noted the perturbation he was causing.

"I will appeal to his Honor the Judge if you don't answer it instantly," said the lawyer, gleefully.

Hudson actually smiled, broadly, gleefully, and glanced at Miss Garland, as if to invite her to do likewise.

Not a breath of air stirred the leaves, and in the tree branches above us birds sang gleefully.

The crowd followed them silently, and the gay village boys danced gleefully around the fine procession.

Then a handsome little page sprang gleefully from the covert and ran toward the dying animal.

This plan was no sooner agreed upon than the first six trooped off gleefully towards the tank.

Frequently a member of the faculty was caught in crossing the stretch of ground and gleefully interviewed.

They had to cross the bridge you crossed, and the girl laughed gleefully because he was afraid.

Then he galloped after Patricia, and catching her up at the lodge gates retailed his triumph gleefully.

He looked round for the applause of the little gathering, which was readily and gleefully accorded him.

Laughing almost gleefully at his own misfortune, the lad, in a few swift strokes, regained the door.

Returning, he announced most gleefully, "The Chevalier has arrived; they are drawing the carriage up the hill."

Conscious of her charms, she was in her best humor: her rather small blue eyes sparkled gleefully.

After a brief exchange of courtesies Grace's friends bowed themselves off, gleefully escorting Grace to David's car.

Gleefully she displayed the diamonds upon her small person which she was extracting from that affair.

Cried Nell, in ecstasy, as she looked after him and dwelt gleefully upon the outcome of her plans.

Here they paused for a moment, and the little dog ran round and round them, barking gleefully.

The Baron, whose glance happened at the moment to fall on him, bounded gleefully from his seat.

"It is a brilliant success," she said to Arline gleefully, who had come up and now stood beside her.

It was thus evident that the Empress knew of what Rasputin gleefully called "The Perfume of Death."

Probably, while they were here, they talked gleefully of what they called the collapse of the war.

"We have not been forgotten," Percy cried gleefully, "and now has come our time to render some immediate service."

She was rocking in silent ecstasy, she hugged herself gleefully, and there were tears in her eyes.

"Wait," cried he, in a tone so gleefully significant that the sailor stopped, and even Ching looked up curiously.

Asked a laughing, masculine voice from the doorway, and the girls turned gleefully to greet the boys.

Chorused the whole troop, gleefully, as they started on a run for the near shore of the lake.

He nodded to them, and when he went up the ladder Donegal gleefully thumped Montreal on the shoulder.

And Bryan himself, they gleefully asserted, had died with the death of ideas to which he was wedded.

Exclaimed Seth gleefully as he lay flat on the ground and fixed his gaze upon the enemy's stronghold.

Then he gleefully proposed that they should wind up the day by going to one of the theaters.

"We wanted to surprise you," said Betty gleefully, noting with pride how splendid he looked in his uniform.

"Now," said Malcolm, gleefully, "the canoe birch has got to come next, because there isn't anything else to come."

"I've got a worm," he gasped, gleefully, as the pony, released at last, jerked us almost off our seats.

Margaret drew off her ring and handed it to me, and the girls clapped their hands gleefully.

Gleefully the children were running about, clapping their hands, and finding something new and strange every minute.

Frank shouted, gleefully, and then, to the strange jockey: "Quick, on the mare and off to the post!"

She tapped her feet gleefully on the ground, and declared that they would not come back before nightfall.

"Very well, then, I'm off to get it first thing in the morning," said the little fellow gleefully.

Thus speaking, he rubbed his hands gleefully, and turning his back upon me, commenced humming his tune again.

He gleefully inherits his adolescence and the world at large, without an obstacle in his way, mother-supported, mother-loved.

Dot was on her mother's lap, toasting her pink toes gleefully, and chuckling over them in baby fashion.

"I am jolly glad that there is a chance of my being useful in this matter," said the earl gleefully.

They all cried gleefully, and Becky added that they wanted enough white ribbon to make a hundred badges.

Somewhat gleefully I decided that it would be good fun to keep myself in the dark as long as possible!

The child caught hold of a limb and gleefully crawled out upon it some distance beyond the elephant's reach.

Still, the suit disturbed the value of his bonds, and having other resources, he gleefully decided to use them.

"You are going to take me with you," gleefully announced the boy making a start toward the rocky arch.

I looked up and saw Jeannette coming as usual, carrying the telescope, and skipping gleefully before the old man.

Among the men, boys work gleefully; there is no school for them when a fire has to be beaten.

Malcolm Fraser was dangerously wounded; but he tells us gleefully that within twenty days he was entirely cured.

As they made their progress there were eyes that turned away with a feeling of shame; other eyes stared gleefully.

Just then the little boy, breaking from the restraining hand, ran gleefully into a field of waving corn.

They have their language lessons early in the morning, and you must have noticed how gleefully they learn them.

He was learning, Penelope assured him when he gleefully showed her his card at the end of the day.

Cried Crazy Jane, hugging herself gleefully, swaying her body from side to side in the ecstasy of her delight.

Quoth the Carpenter king gleefully; 'give me your sword, and I will fetch the Princess back in no time.'

All at once he jumped up and gleefully clapped his hands when he saw his father and the Count.

Araminta chattered gleefully of everything under the blue heaven, and even the minister noted the liquid melody of her voice.

As he dashed forward he raised the long yell, which was gleefully answered, and soon he was at the camp.