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Use upholstery in a sentence

Definition of upholstery:

  • (noun) covering (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture
  • (noun) the craft of upholstering

Sentence Examples:

Upholstery has received minute attention.

Personally I cannot bear upholstery.

The upholstery was made of tiger skin.

Back to camp, away from the upholstery.

She lay back faint against the upholstery.

His favorite tastes were hunting, gardening and upholstery.

The contractor's hands dug again into the upholstery.

The upholstery caught fire and began to burn.

Bessie is "bottled" in "effective blockade" of cushioned upholstery.

The most widely used upholstery material is felted cotton.

The elegance of the bed depended upon its upholstery.

Permit air to circulate freely over the wet upholstery.

Charley sighed and shrugged himself deeper into the upholstery.

Culver bends down to examine the upholstery of a chair.

Both the upholstery and fringe were still somewhat there.

Houses, horses, carriages, upholstery, every thing, declined in price.

A common coarse silk, used both for dress and upholstery.

Curled hair makes an excellent but more expensive upholstery material.

He certainly did not make many contributions to its upholstery.

For upholstery, leather covering was commonly used instead of cloth.

His servant had done the greater part of the upholstery.

All furniture should be plain, with cane seats, without upholstery.

It was used primarily for stuffing mattresses, pillows, and upholstery.

Even the upholstery of chairs and the lounge had been ripped.

A coarse variety of silk, used both for garments and upholstery.

Covering this unit on top and bottom are layers of upholstery.

He had rested a hand on the plum upholstery beside her.

Used for high-class upholstery purposes, and for curtains and hangings.

I rolled over on my face and pushed it into the upholstery.

Ross continued the upholstery business and the manufacture of flags.

They found the jewel carelessly hidden in the Wanderer's upholstery.

It is filled with woven cane instead of leather, or other upholstery.

He looks in his mental upholstery like a greengrocer in evening dress.

He feels the burning sensation of his legs against the upholstery.

She only lay back in the leather upholstery and said nothing.

Crisp gowns and dainty allied mysteries lay spread over the upholstery.

Both seemed to relax suddenly, and their backs touched the upholstery.

I could smell the solid leather upholstery from where I stood.

Payton's fire-lit upholstery flashed into his mind, and made him smile.

She hurried away, leaving him to admire his upholstery by himself.

Joachim would arrive with the upholstery a day in advance of Mary.

He paused before each piece of furniture, noting every detail in outline and upholstery.

Seat and side upholstery can be washed safely with soap and water.

This material is used for stuffing mattresses or pillows, and also in upholstery.

The only text and reference book on upholstery written for school use.

Lying in the corner of the faded upholstery was an oval of gold.

The interior of the car smells faintly of rich upholstery and violet perfume.

The idea has even occurred to apply these trimmings to furniture and upholstery.

The material used for upholstery was nailed over the frame with brass-headed tacks.

Peggy buried her little burning face in the upholstery of the window seat.

Choice, small pictures may be hung in this way on fine upholstery tacks.

The proposed carriage was quite gorgeous and very fine with paint and upholstery.

They bought their upholstery as they did their pictures, with free-handed self-confidence.

The hangings and upholstery were originally white velvet and white silk throughout.

Its late tenant would probably be impressed with its new scheme of upholstery.

Every time we stir she glances nervously at the rug and the upholstery.

He let his head rest on the shabby upholstery and studied the ceiling.

The man dropped back against the upholstery with a short explosion of breath.

Iglesias, her face showing ghostly white against the dark upholstery of the carriage.

Dug through the upholstery in the furniture, looked back of mat on the wall.

The hangings, carpet and upholstery were all of a subdued rose color and white.

We know it is used for dresses, and sometimes for toweling and upholstery uses.

I got in the back and sank down in the smell of expensive upholstery.

Whoever had furnished it had had original notions of the resources of modern upholstery.

He continued to finger the slit of the vinyl blue upholstery in a vaginal preoccupation.

He told me his uncle would always find him work in the upholstery business.'

The Williams house in its decoration and upholstery was very different from their own.

His face was smooth shaven, and seemed to be made of some kind of upholstery leather.

In the form of curled hair it is the most resilient and costly upholstery stuffer.

The upholstery may be covered with material to match the decorative scheme of the room.

He seemed as much above an apology for the lack of upholstery as a martyr in prison.

Overhead a light set behind ground glass cast a soft glow over the rich upholstery.

Carlyle's object was to convey the soul of the Revolution, not to register its upholstery.

I whipped the gun up and around into the peach-colored upholstery an inch from Toby's ear.

Two of the four windows were broken, and the glory had departed from the upholstery.

The seats of the chairs wore linen covers to prevent their upholstery from getting shabby.

I opened up the shiny hatch, under orders from him, and climbed in among the upholstery.

I opened up the shiny hatch, under orders from him, and climbed in amongst the upholstery.

The upholstery back of the back seat could be taken out and also placed on the horizontal.

And in what a world of upholstery did not the dear old lady spend the autumn months!

We climbed the stairs and went along a hall to a parlor that smelled of damp upholstery.

There was a man who knew leather from cow to upholstery, and who talked about it lovingly.