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Use upholstery in a sentence

Definition of upholstery:

  • (noun) covering (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture
  • (noun) the craft of upholstering

Sentence Examples:

Quentin, keenly susceptible to such influences, read failure in every angle of the upholstery.

Cried Barbara, whipping the upholstery with her tiny handkerchief before she seated herself.

There were Brussels carpets, lace curtains, and plenty of brilliant upholstery and polished wood.

Whatever it touches it figures in gross material substance, preferably wood or some sort of upholstery.

She was the type that suggests cushioned upholstery, whereas Arabella's construction was evident.

Its elaborate upholstery is of the finest and softest materials of the most exquisite designs.

The development of inner springs and the felting of upholstery materials are of recent origin.

Quantities of ribbons and broad silks are made there, as well as velvets and upholstery goods.

Our mothers and grandmothers were certainly victims to their upholstery; we have improved in this respect.

He leaned back against the leather upholstery of the compartment once more alone with his thoughts.

Brady, sitting down hard in astonishment on the biscuit upholstery of her best parlor chair.

This is not extra padding, but results from the outside stitching of the regular upholstery.

The product is employed in packing merchandise for shipment, and to a small extent in upholstery.

She photographed and painted, and could turn her hand to journalism as easily as to upholstery.

Fisher's bedroom; there kitchen wood and parlor upholstery were placed side by side, in striking contrast.

His dark bearded face in the twilight lost its outlines against the upholstery of the Pullman.

The upholstery is in crimson Utrecht velvet, and seating accommodation is provided for sixty-eight saloon passengers.

Frederick ordered her to be quiet, and she let her foot drop again on the leather upholstery.

Olympia threw herself back against the soft upholstery that lined the back of the carriage.

It is furnished with magnificent hand-carved, high-backed chairs without upholstery, lounging not being apparently encouraged here.

Besides, he had no taste for upholstery; he had even no very exquisite sense of comfort or convenience.

No words can express the beautiful effect, in an upholstery point of view, of this kind of decoration.

At one time it might have been thought that upholstery, carpets and curtains would have to be dispensed with.

"The effect on the upholstery and metallic ornaments is as bad as upon the books," added our hostess.

We discard carpets and upholstery early when they are so cheap that we can afford to do so.

As for his upholstery, he took everything which could be imagined of that kind that was most precious.

Within the closet hung various articles of apparel, upholstery lumber of all kinds filling the back part.

I have no desire that they should be admitted to luxurious feasts, or should get a taste for gorgeous upholstery.

Then she burst into a passion of weeping, burying her face against an arm flung across the upholstery.

He was seated, a narrow, rigid figure, waiting for the older man, in the midst of gorgeous upholstery.

In which posture only could anything like comfortable repose be possible for the wretched victims of upholstery torture.

What need had we of luxurious upholstery, when we could step out into such splendor, from the humblest door?

Meanwhile, seen from afar, he was a feature of the before-breakfast hour, part of the upholstery of the morning.

They are after all great spectacles got up with the aid of music and upholstery and dramatic mechanism.

On all sides splendid dresses, magnificent uniforms, rare jewels, luxurious upholstery, added light and color to the scene.

It certainly looked very snug and comfortable with the shaded light above the neat bunk and dark upholstery.

The coach had been a very handsome vehicle in its day, with heavy silver mountings and luxurious upholstery.

A piece of braid, to match the material used, is tacked around the lower edge with upholstery tacks to match.

You might select carpets, curtains, and upholstery of material and colors that would wear poorly, or fade very soon.

The cobbler never emerges as the shoemaker, and the carpenter fails to rise into the upholstery line of business.

She glanced at the soft upholstery, the bouquet of real flowers, and felt the warmth of the artificial heat.

She used to come with her grandmother, who did upholstery work, on Saturday afternoons and give her a hand.

Of course, you know there are many fine houses where a library is a part of the upholstery, so to speak.

Tear up the floors, dig up the garden, rip the upholstery off the furniture, but find that charter!

All this furniture and upholstery, all these useful and artistic possessions had been brought over from the ship.

The fine ladies attend, too, and admire the beautiful upholstery and decorations that I paid for when I was flush.

Of course, you know there are many fine houses where the library is a part of the upholstery, so to speak.

If she had had any real talent mere upholstery would not have had any power to strike her dumb.'

Captain Carey put his hand upon a couch, and drew away his fist full of pale and rotted upholstery.

Velvet or silk might be employed in upholstery, but no gold or silver except a gold fringe on the edges.

She relaxed, sank back into the upholstery of the carriage, and began fully to enjoy the rare May night.

Moths and their eggs are sucked out from their hiding places under the upholstery buttons or in the corners.

The upholstery fabric was the same, and there was a corresponding pillow already at one end of the sofa.

The failing health of his wife compelled him at last to tear himself away from his splendid and beloved upholstery.

Fingering the upholstery of his chair, she looked at him, though it took courage to look at Austen Blair under some circumstances.

Box springs consist of spiral springs attached to a foundation, usually of wood, and cushioned with a layer of upholstery.

It was an old car, with faded upholstery, from which the stuffing projected here and there through torn places.

The deep red curtains and upholstery in the box threw her into relief, a lovely miniature, as seen from a distance.

Teddy delivered the note to the buyer of the upholstery and departed with all speed for the first floor.

Next morning he had no sooner awoke from a sleep troubled by dreams of chaotic upholstery, than he went to work.

He sat down on the farther side, on the bare bench, the upholstery having disappeared, and waited to regain his composure.

The bedrooms had been improved by modern upholstery; for the sleeping apartments of our ancestors leave a good deal to be desired.

Dashing back to hug her father, and then climbing into the cockpit, to examine the controls, the instruments, the upholstery.

The upholstery used to pad the inner-spring unit and give it added comfort conforms in general to that used in solid-filled mattresses.

Pretty carpets and pictures, and glass, and silver, and china, and upholstery, and a pretty bride for the mistress!

He conceives a grudge against us for upsetting established standards of excellence in matters of life, conduct, upholstery, and the table.

For this purpose, use upholstery tacks as they have big cup-shaped heads which grip the cloth and do not tear out.

The chairs, however, were deep and comfortable, although the yielding upholstery appeared at first sight hard and brittle as metal sheets.

There are all sorts of ridiculous expenses, in the shape of costumes and upholstery of one kind or another, which are always increasing.

The head of the couch was composed of a straight, sharp-cornered piece of quarter-sawed oak, without upholstery of any kind on the edge.

From underneath the upholstery of the sofa, a man's hand was visible stretching into the room almost as far as his elbow.

It is not upholstery one is trying to display, but to make a perfect background for one's furniture, one's pictures and one's friends.

A sort of hysteria seized her, and she shook from head to foot and clutched at the upholstery with weak hands which clawed.

She sat up on the sofa's edge balanced forward between her arms, fingers nervously working at the silken edges of the upholstery.

Then he ran the cleaner carefully over the carpet, the upholstery, everything about that corner of the room where the body lay.

The couch I made like a great chair, with a back pivoted to fold down or prop up, and wove an upholstery of rushes.

The upholstery also may be protected by slip covers, which should be kept on during dusty trips, and be washed when dirty.

It requires no large income, no big house, no rich wardrobe, no chased silver, no gorgeous upholstery, but a parental heart awake to its duty.

From December 1st to March 1st, some of our women work on furs, or upholstery, and some are unable to obtain any kind of work.

Notice the long carpeted aisles, the rich upholstery, the comfortable seats, the lofty ceilings, the spacious gallery and the vast congregation.

I would gladly shiver through them all over again for the sake of the beautiful purity of the house, empty of servants and upholstery.

Only the old butler and his wife remained in a back-wing, to air the rooms occasionally, and keep the moths out of the upholstery.

Her brown leather upholstery had faded through the years to a rich old tan, but her heart was as young as ever.

They were seated upon a bench of oak and leather upholstery, with an enormous mirror reproducing their back views to all who cared to see.

The neck of the funnel, being more often walked upon than the rest of the dwelling, is therefore provided with a thicker upholstery.

The original framework of this lounge, by the way, disclosed itself in many bold and striking instances, under a unique method of upholstery.

Brand, with a lighted candle in her hand, was deliberately setting fire to the upholstery of the bed where the unconscious Juliet lay.

She sat there gazing at him, one foot on the upholstery, elbow on knee, her small pointed chin resting in her cupped hand.

Tacks should also supplement the glue on the forward beams and the upholstery style should be used to prevent tearing through the cloth.

Care of Cloth Upholstery Clean upholstery means not only a better looking automobile but gives longer wear and affords greater comfort and enjoyment.

Pauline's eye had swept too many costly objects of upholstery not to recognize that a slender purse had here gone with a keen artistic sense.

It was just big enough to contain two, and its upholstery of cream leather gave it the light effect which rendered its name so appropriate.

Did it ever occur to you that you and Tom will take your last ride in the same conveyance, and have the same upholstery in the tomb?

The upholstery department was on the second floor, so he made for the nearest stairway which led to it, disdaining to wait for an elevator.

A huge bed stood in the corner, and one of the chairs had been slit, so that the material of the upholstery flowed upon the carpet.

Is it not true that the less a person has inside him of culture and imagination the more he wants outside him of the upholstery of life?

This keeps the padding material from being forced down into and between the springs and prevents the springs from pushing through the upholstery.

At the far end of the toy counter the Bold Tin Soldier and his men had placed some sofa cushions from the upholstery department.

And with a coachman up in front, sinking down into a seat big enough for three of him, all covered with upholstery in green and white!

The skin has a large, bold, brilliant grain, and being a large skin is much used for upholstery and coach work, like the Cape goat.