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Use upholstery in a sentence

Definition of upholstery:

  • (noun) covering (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture
  • (noun) the craft of upholstering

Sentence Examples:

It is useful in decorating light upholstery.

It is "an upholstery and cookery conception of morals."

There was no ornament, no upholstery, no superfluity at all.

The silver trinkets glowed brightly against the blue upholstery.

Carlo Trent rebounded limply, groaning between cushions and upholstery.

Upholstery and the outlay of human capital, could do no more.

They climbed inside then to admire the upholstery and shining gadgets.

The gentleman who entered made a remarkable contrast to the sedate upholstery.

The very chairs were of an architecture and upholstery incongruous to them.

The easy chairs I found quite beautiful in their upholstery of old brocade.

Here you find chiefly household articles, bedding, upholstery, crockery, and so forth.

She collapsed into the comfortable upholstery with a gesture of impotent despair.

This transparent, colorless material is the upholstery that keeps out the wet.

Printed cottons and worsted damasks were also used for cheaper upholstery work.

Both are very ancient, sadly in need of upholstery, and jerky of locomotion.

Laue's plush upholstery, and tried to assume an expression of sympathy and grief.

The upholstery and ornamentation were composed under the direction of celebrated artists.

If the permanent upholstery is of chintz, then at once your room becomes informal.

The sagging springs were like the sham upholstery that is put in coffins.

The building, however, was far from depending altogether on its sumptuous upholstery.

It was the inmates who mattered, not the upholstery and the chandeliers.

These I poke under overcoat and retreat home slyly like snails walking over upholstery.

Plush upholstery was a proper thing in Thaddeus's day, and Thaddeus had it.

The upholstery and decorative adjuncts are imitative of the gorgeous taste of George the Fourth.

One could detect the odors of oil, and ozone, and varnish, and plastic upholstery.

Excelsior or wood wool is to be had in varying degrees of fineness of upholstery dealers.

In the middle of the city the inhabitants erected a mock castle of upholstery.

The arts of upholstery and cookery had not been brought to bear in either case.

The furniture was of old, carved rosewood, its upholstery worn, but fairly decent.

Billy leaned back against the rich leather upholstery luxuriously; she was absolutely content.

The materials used for upholstery were brocades of large pattern, tapestries, and splendid velvets.

His back began to itch, insistently, and he rubbed it against the leather upholstery.

Ruth lay back against the soft upholstery of Malcolm Lightener's limousine, colorless, eyes closed.

Nodding acknowledgement of the porter's salute, Lanyard sank gratefully back upon uncommonly luxurious upholstery.

He turned to where the limp figure showed huddled in the depths of red upholstery.

In the Queen Anne settees of a later time the double back without upholstery came in again.

The upholstery was sumptuous, the cooking excellent, the staff discreet and exceedingly servile.

He was a weaver by trade; had been a skilled workman on tapestries and upholstery materials.

Use warp or carpet thread for the warp, and weave with a tape or upholstery needle.

Near the piano was another door, and a wide divan of the same soft, green upholstery.

The interior is absolutely new and extremely sumptuous, abounding in tapestries, upholstery, morocco, velvet, satin.

Now you know why Farley was trying to annex upholstery and a few other departments.

The smell of flowers and of sun-warmed furniture and old upholstery mingles in such rooms.

The display included hardware, carpets, tapestries, fabrics for upholstery, wearing apparel, silks, and clothing.

A Saturday morning industriously spent in the upholstery of the little screen presented it in completeness.

Teddy scuttled up the half flight of stairs to the upholstery department, most uneasy in mind.

She laid her feet in his lap and snuggled into the corner of the pearl-colored upholstery.

A kind of brocade used for draperies and upholstery; usually raised wool figures on a silk ground.

The room was musty with the smell of old green rep upholstery and leather books.

Then proceed in the same way with the walls, woodwork, draperies, and principal upholstery fabrics.

Jones mounted a chair with scant respect for the upholstery, and examined the damaged drapery.

Fire had swept over it, igniting the upholstery and burning out the entire interior of the bus.

Laura sank back in the cool gloom of the carriage's interior redolent of damp leather and upholstery.

A day may come when this much abused combination of woodwork and upholstery will be sought after.

I think, however, that this rule does not apply to clothing, furs, hangings, upholstery or any textiles.

It was very hot and stuffy inside the brougham, with a strong odor of leather and upholstery.

No easy chairs, no soft divans, no wealth of upholstery, but simply a place to work and stay.

Douglas put her tired head on the dingy, dusty red plush upholstery and closed her eyes.

"All varnish and silver plate and upholstery with a motor that isn't worth a tinker's dam."

Upholstery can be dry-cleaned with starch and whiting sifted together and applied thickly all over it.

The princess quoted Latin to us for her preference for the fine springy upholstery which beech-leaves give.

And saying this, he relapsed into the soft upholstery of his chair, his face twitching from rheumatism.

Here all the coaches are overhauled, repaired, varnished, and even the upholstery attended to, and coaches built.

If they are not cut we have instead the material known as uncut velvet, largely used for upholstery purposes.

Then, again, he made a gradual transition from delicate and discreetly coquettish works to the crude arts of upholstery.

The general coloring of draperies and upholstery was soft blue, and splendid pictures hung on the wall.

With an angry spurt, a bullet embedded itself in the upholstery of the car just behind her head.

The curtains and upholstery were in pale-blue damask, while the thick plush carpet was of a darker shade.

Bosworth Smith and Canon Taylor have applied their most skillful upholstery to the defects of his scandalous morals.

Her one and only object in life seemed to be to lade her own mansion with ugly and expensive upholstery.

Of course the furniture was rough, but I care not much for upholstery, and am quite rude of French polish.

Reptiles that they are, the rough surface of a great stone is to them as plush as upholstery to us.

I'll tuck it well down in between the back and the seat upholstery, and no one can find it.

You may know it by all these signs of mahogany furniture, and leather upholstery, and waiters of reverential deportment.

He had ruddy cheeks and a tuft of curly hair set like an upholstery button on each side of his bald head.

Now, to a man like myself, who never had any fancy for upholstery, this sort of thing is very tiresome.

He carefully studied his fingernails and ran his hands through his hair and picked imaginary lint off the upholstery.

The seat is movable, and no upholstery nails or braids were used, the frame of the wood giving the necessary finish.

On this night he drew out from a hole in the upholstery of the couch a bag of stenciled canvas, which chinked.

She was nervous and fidgety and found it difficult to sit still on the hard, convex upholstery of the chairs.

Howard started to say something, thought better of it, yawned, and let his head pillow itself on the soft upholstery.

Neither had the stuffy car any discomforts, although the hot July sunshine streamed in across the red velvet upholstery.

The room was finished in soft tints, and was full of upholstery and hangings that lent it a dim golden atmosphere.

Against the dark upholstery of the car, her face was like a young moon, wan and too weary for its work.

It isn't the upholstery of the seats or the mural decorations or what the theater looks like, but what you hear there.

The carriages were wooden compartments, stripped of all upholstery, with plank beds, and they seemed to be entirely occupied by Americans and Russians who were quarrelling with each other for vacant possession.

Avoid future complaints of premature mattress breakdown and uncomfortable sleep by showing how the small coils and the upholstery of the inner-spring mattress push down into the larger openings of old coil springs.

Such rooms the very simplicity and exquisite freshness of their furniture and appointments are more significant of wealth, of the ease of household arrangement, and the perfection of household service, than any amount of rich upholstery.

And a page ran eagerly in, to whom, in the difficult corners of upholstery and of sculptured wood, she pointed out his sins of omission, lashing him with a restrained voice that Edwin could scarcely hear.

She drove to the Palace alone, not in her light carriage, but in her huge state coach, feeling very small in her white robes amid all that crimson upholstery, but also feeling herself a very great personage.

He enjoyed the luxurious upholstery of his new car; and even the well-clothed back of his chauffeur, with the discreet figure of Eleanor's maid beside it, gave him satisfaction, as adding to the conveniences of his life and hers.

In my opinion it would have penetrated any other metal surface and, of course, any upholstery surface depending on the nature of the material as to how deep it would penetrate or how many successive layers it may have penetrated.

In the manufacture of upholstery cloth for hangings and furniture covering, silk or worsted is used; while for table covers, towels, napkins, etc., linen is generally employed, except in the cheapest grades, when cotton is the material used.

The curtains and upholstery of the chairs and sofas and the hangings of my bed are of the costliest and most beautiful fabrics, and must have been of fabulous value when they were made, for they are centuries old, though in excellent order.

The only ray of hope in his present despair came from the fact that the implement to which he trusted was still in his possession, safely concealed in the upholstery of the armchair that had been moved with him into his present quarters.

It has no likeness in the various orders of architecture; there is no correspondence or harmony between the within and without of it: yet the whole interior is a blaze of gold and upholstery that leaves all rules of taste and art out of the question.

Perhaps, it is from early associations that Dolly has always had so great a liking for walls furnished with some upholstery of the past, and set up by strong hands that seem to have had their own secrets for making their work last on.