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Use upholstery in a sentence

Definition of upholstery:

  • (noun) covering (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture
  • (noun) the craft of upholstering

Sentence Examples:

He developed early a notion of the sufficiency of interior furnishings; mere external upholstery never quite secured his interest.

It is not particularly comfortable according to present-day ideas of comfort in seats, which seem to revolve round upholstery.

Practically everything written about upholstery fabrics stresses their decorative value or their appropriateness to other furnishings in the room.

Horsehair upholstery was very chilly, very somber and severe, and afforded a particularly slippery and uncomfortable seat.

Indeed, whether on carpets, or curtains, or tapestry, or ottoman coverings, all upholstery of this nature should be rigidly Arabesque.

Beneath the flashy ugliness of its modern wall paper and upholstery, a certain refinement persists from an older generation.

Again and again it was demonstrated that impurity walked under the chandeliers of the mansion, and dozed on damask upholstery.

About the site, the choice of architect, the upholstery, the plumbing and the day of dedication there is almost a unanimity.

The furniture was mahogany, every piece carefully chosen, and the chintz of curtains and upholstery was bright and attractive.

I said nothing, but had an oppressive presentiment that social freedom would expire in that house, crushed under a weight of upholstery.

The fabrics and upholstery used in furnishing catch dust which contains lint, grit, organic material from our bodies, and bacteria.

They burst open the cupboards, shiver the windows to splinters, smash up the chairs, drag the stuffing from the upholstery.

Ordered the little lady, thrusting him gently into the depths of a soft, old armchair whose upholstery was shamelessly moth-eaten.

The furniture frames are of white mahogany in special designs, elaborately carved, and the upholstery is in white and gold tapestry.

She sank back against the deep upholstery luxuriously, and drew a long breath, inhaling the delicious air of early summer twilight.

To see a cave filled with these modern mummies, sitting solemnly, done up in their linen cases, like upholstery covering, is a spectacle.

She had no need of the artificial head-gear and upholstery with which the modern society belle is wont to bolster up herself.

Alphonse Michelson collapsed into the shallow chair beside the table and relaxed his head against the threadbare dent in the upholstery.

The time-honoured United Service, I was acquainted with; but the New Universal was quite a dazzle of brilliant plate, a palace of upholstery.

Besides that, it had the mud of three counties plastered inside and out, and the upholstery showed sizable patches of cotton wadding.

Beatty cuddled his head back against the red upholstery of the seat in luxurious contemplation, and again expressively squeezed the fingers he held.

The portrait with rich background of upholstery, and the depicting of public ceremonies, were reintroduced by him into the field of art.

Some days afterwards, he produced it at the right moment, to the horror of his upholstery functionary; it was not gold but tinsel!

Some days afterward he produced it at the right moment, to the horror of the upholstery functionary: it was not gold but tinsel!

Like so many women, she seemed to live, for the most part contentedly, a small indoor existence with artificial light and padded upholstery.

Now they ran for the station wagon, to find its windows broken, the upholstery slashed by a knife, the windshield shattered.

They ate bolts, nuts, the nails out of shoes, pocket knives and pants buttons, zippers, wire staples and the tacks out of upholstery.

A young man would do well to associate the life of some famous lover or celebrated and unhappy beauty with each style of woodwork and upholstery.

The Misses Garrett have made themselves competent decorators; they undertake the wall decorations, upholstery, furniture, embroidery, etc., as fully as any other firm.

You can read the periodical literature of the world while reclining on upholstery from the most expensive houses in Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.

The aspens were flaming yellow, the oak brush purple and red, its rounded clumps looking like fine upholstery laid on an immense piece of furniture.

And then the manservant ushered me into a magnificent anteroom done in gold paneling and mauve velvet upholstery, most beautiful and in the best of taste.

Rooms are often free, beautiful creatures before they are saddled and bridled with alien lives and with upholstery, and hitched for lumbering, permanent uses.

The threadbare carpet was worn into holes and had been neatly darned, and so had the upholstery of the two rather upright easy chairs.

There were lots of pictures on the walls, a good deal of comfortable mission furniture with leather upholstery, and several Oriental rugs on the hardwood floor.

The room is large, very lofty, brilliantly lighted by reflectors affixed to the ceiling, and, except the scarlet cushions on the settees, void of upholstery.

Turned and carved frames and stretchers; caned seats and backs to chairs, velvet cushions, velvet satin damask and needlework upholstery, the seats stuffed.

We have forsaken the buying of shawls and trinkets, and have gone into the upholstery and furniture line; everything is done with a view to Kensington Gore.

This was a deluxe job, with soft upholstery and bright metal fittings and more dials and idiot lights than a late model Detroit status symbol.

She turned her face around to the stage, and for some time her long, nervous fingers convulsively squeezed the upholstery of the barrier of the box.

The oak belt, below the aspens, was red and purple like the upholstery of a piece of expensive furniture in its design and blending of color.

The use of a vacuum cleaner and a thorough brushing of the upholstery and headlining (with the nap or pile) will usually brighten the interior noticeably.

Within, it was so sumptuous that a special work has been "gotten up," printed, and published by subscription, of its "art treasures," furniture, and upholstery.

The captain of the palace guards let himself gingerly down into the luxurious depths of soft upholstery and reached for the wine jug and a goblet.

A dazzling vista spread before her, a long life in "marble halls," Brussels carpets, satin upholstery, a grand piano, pictures, books, and new music without end.

Tuft-less mattresses are those in which the upholstery is held in place by stitching or quilting the layers or by placing it in compartments or between muslin.

The reason of this is that he paid great attention to the upholstery, and his large and brilliant designs required a correspondingly large surface for adequate display.

This color scheme was beautifully light in tone and harmoniously gay, whether in tapestries, draperies and upholstery of velvets, or flowered silks, frescoes or painted furniture.

The upholstery of the furniture and the fronts of the boxes were of pink velvet, and by an electric apparatus a pale rose glow was everywhere disseminated.

Then, glancing back into the rooms of the villa, you find the same tints and shadings in the walls and ceilings, the paintings, tapestries, and upholstery.

In an earlier chapter mention has been made of stuffs that were in use in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries for bed and window curtains, draperies and upholstery.

I was so afraid of soiling the upholstery that I undressed where I stood, and then, making a guess at the direction of the bed, walked cautiously forward.

The school which is now expiring has carried description, the consciousness of exterior forms and colors, the drapery and upholstery of nature, to its extreme limit.

I shall hope to hear very soon that the workmen have "broken through," and that you have been in the state apartments, and that upholstery measurements have come off.

That was the fanciest one of all, with the leather upholstery inside and the big red neon sign on top that you could read halfway across town.

There was much shrill squeaking down at the bottom of the nest, and a sudden rustling amid the dry upholstery, as the youngsters scampered away into hiding.

Inside it was dark, and a prolonged puff of hot air, thick with the mingled odors of flowers, perfume, upholstery, and gas, enveloped her upon the instant.

A very handsome edge can be made if a thick cord be used similar to those used in upholstery work, but covered tightly with material before sewing to the cover.

He has created several marvelous color schemes through harmonious shadings in rugs, upholstery, the brocade coverings of the walls, the curtains, the woodwork and the ceilings.

It, too, comes in lovely colors and has a very rich glossy finish, though to give variety an occasional piece of cheap velvet or upholstery brocade is very effective.

Had we any talent for the description of the miracles of upholstery, it would be a sin to pass over so superb and tasteful a scene without a word.

Two of its occupants, however, were totally unmindful of the heat and the mingled odors of upholstery, gas, and varnish that prevailed within its highly decorated walls.

Lengths of drapery and upholstery fabrics and wall coverings suitable for use with each basic rug or carpet color may be selected to provide effective and pleasing results.

Here passages were broader than in the oldest portion, and upholstery enlisted in the service of the fine arts hid to a great extent the coldness of the walls.

There were great chairs with deep upholstery which Mary observed with amazement was not red plush, nor even blue plush, yet which appealed to her instincts for beauty.

The bed in which upholstery had superseded carving had been growing in favor, not only in the homes of the middle classes, but also in those of the rich.

Analysis and introspection might come later; but for the moment she was not even troubled by the excesses of the upholstery or the restless convolutions of the furniture.

Presently she began to look about the elegantly appointed edifice, noting its softly tinted walls and beautiful windows; its rich and massive woodwork, its costly carpeting and upholstery.

The massive bed with its four posts of carved oak, which had so long been in fashion, had now been supplanted by one in which upholstery was the chief decorative feature.

He owned himself to be profoundly ignorant about upholstery matters, and his ideas of furniture seemed to consist in prints for the walls, a piano, a bookcase, and a couch for Charles.

Then, when people began to call, she had a pleasure, a superiority, in saying that it was a furnished apartment, and in disclaiming all responsibility for the upholstery and decoration.

The rooms of great men at least were richly and elegantly painted, and furnished with tables, chairs, and couches, which have supplied models for the upholstery of modern times.

Pelham Odin had great taste, and did not cram her apartments with furniture, or indulge in a multiplicity of patterns on carpet or walls, or on the upholstery of the chairs.

The walls and ceiling of the chamber were tinted a deep violet, and the covers on the bed, dresser, table and the upholstery of the chairs were of the same shade.

The gladiators were shivering fine sculptures, ripping up upholstery, swearing in their uncouth Celtic or German dialects, searching everywhere for their victim in the rooms that led off the atrium.

The mirrors multiplied the white oil flames of the silver burners; the carpet, the drapery, the upholstery of chairs and couches stole out in rich soft dyes upon the gaze.

Electric lights, a nice fire reflected from gleaming brass, the luxury of carpets and upholstery, formed an alluring contrast to the dull yellow glare of a solitary lamp in the outer obscurity.

Away went my Lady ahead to put up the curtains and see to the carpets and pallets and other upholstery, and a week or two later away went the cavalcade after her.

Money became abundant, the hotel was torn down and rebuilt with the usual barbaric display of mirrors and upholstery, and the landlords began to aspire for guests of a higher degree.

With a flurry of steel arms and legs they kicked at the car body, wrenched at the propeller blades, ripped out the upholstery, and I heard the sound of metal tearing.

Walls, floors, woodwork, upholstery, hangings, cushions and objects d'art furnish the color for my lady's background, and will naturally be a scheme calculated to set off her own particular type.

Consequently, he had taken his ideas of furniture from a more northern island, and had his room well crammed with massive mahogany and dark oak, with the upholstery in dull crimson velvet.

It may be thought that their rigid form and absence of upholstery rendered them uncomfortable, but the numerous soft cushions with which they were supplied quite atoned for the absence of upholstery.

Cummings was at leisure, but finally, dropping the change into the glove of a lady who had purchased a tack hammer and three papers of upholstery tacks, he beckoned Tom to the counter.

It was entirely of marble, inside and out, and the interior was remarkable for the richness of the carvings and of the hangings and upholstery and for the beauty of the mural decorations.

Then get some upholstery buttons, fasten a cord through the loop, bring the cord through to the underside of the cushion, and fasten the button by slipping a nail through the knot.

He watched his opponent crumple up, fling wild shots into the upholstery and through the roof, and sink into the silence from which there is no awakening on this side of the grave.

The boys were naturally interested in the mechanics of the plane, the girls in the upholstery of the seats, the charming, deep cushions, which could be removed if it were necessary to use a parachute.

As to the sculpture here it was not very fine, so far as I can remember, consisting chiefly of busts of the emperors in porphyry; but they served a good purpose in the upholstery way.

As he uncovered his head, his clear-cut profile crowned with a profusion of light brown curls, such as ladies love to toy with, shone white and clear against the dark blue of the carriage upholstery.

Next take a hose, if one be available, and play it freely all over the body and running gear, fenders, mud guards, wheels, with care, of course, that the upholstery be not sprinkled too much.

She slipped forward, sat huddled, her knees crossed under the edge of the steering wheel, her hands falling beside her, one of them making a faint brushing sound as it slid down the upholstery.

She had been surrounded by the same depressing furniture and upholstery for thirty-seven years, and she had almost a childish pleasure in the new white lace curtains which had been hung in her rooms.

The smaller objects in the garden had disappeared under this grand upholstery of nature, and the rattle of the carts and other ordinary sounds of the village were muffled in the mantle of snow.

Its chandeliers swathed in brown paper, its faded paint, and its covered upholstery, suggested that it awaited a day yet to be when it should blossom forth once more in glory as in the days of old.

The house was but just large enough to be called a mansion, and was moderately rented, having no manor attached to it, and being rather difficult to let with its somber furniture and faded upholstery.

Learn why the coils in the springs will not turn, will not push through the upholstery, will not collapse and entangle themselves one with another, and why they will give service for many years.

I have a table with a scale and I weigh these books up and put the upholstery on them and put them on a little conveyor and the wrappers wrap them or pack them, whichever one it may be.

The floors must be of tiles or cement and the curtains of bamboo, because hangings, carpets, rugs and upholstery furnish shelter for destructive and disagreeable insects, and the aim of everybody is to secure as much air as possible without admitting the heat.

Among the most conspicuous differences between Roman and modern furnishing must be reckoned the absence of carpets, the comparatively small use of tables and chairs, the absence of upholstery from such chairs as were used, and the greater part played by couches.